Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance, begins by detailing the importance of preventive maintenance to an overall maintenance strategy. The text clearly illustrates how the components of any maintenance strategy are interlinked with dependencies and the performance measures necessary to properly manage the preventive maintenance program. A process flow diagram details the steps of developing the preventive maintenance program, and the appendixes contain numerous examples of preventive maintenance inspections for the reader to begin applying to their program immediately.

Format: Hardback
Author: Terry Wireman
Published: 2008
Pages: 220
What We Like About This Book

It shows how to tactically develop a preventive maintenance program, answering questions, such as What equipment to include?, What skill level of the technicians are required?, How to actually perform basic PM tasks? , and many others.

It does not over-emphasize the value of preventive maintenance to the exclusion of other components of a maintenance strategy.

Table Of Contents:

Overview The Maintenance Strategy Series Process Flow

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance
Additional Justification for Preventive Maintenance
Developing the Preventive Maintenance Program

Developing or Changing the Preventive Maintenance Program
Set Performance Frequencies
Identifying the Equipment to Include in a Preventive Maintenance Program

Develop the Critical Equipment Units and Systems List
Prioritization of the Critical Equipment List
Age of the Equipment
Simplicity versus Complexity
How to Develop PM Requirements for the Equipment

Manufacturer Recommendations
Maintenance Engineers
Operators, Craft Techniques, Supervisors
Regulatory Agencies
How to Develop PM Task Sheets

Types of Preventive Maintenance
Develop Detailed Procedures and Job Plans
Training and Preventive Maintenance
An Operating Preventive Maintenance Task
A Shutdown Preventive Maintenance Task
Time Estimations
Determining the Skill Requirements for PM Tasks

Operator Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Craft Apprentice Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Journeyman Level, Craft Technician Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Outside Contractor Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Determining the Proper Resources
Determining the Parts Requirements for PM Tasks

Bill of Materials
Determining the Scheduling Requirements for PM Tasks

Advanced Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Executing Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Technician Assignments
Supervisory Activities
Consistent PM Program Follow-Up

Preventive Maintenance Audits
Performance Management for PM Programs

Preventive Maintenance Program Key Performance Indicators
Preventive Maintenance Program Problems
Appendix A Sample Operator Inspections
Appendix B Developing System PM Inspections
Appendix C Sample Component PM Inspections


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