Level I Practice Exam and Flash Cards Bundle

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Serious about preparing for ICML Level I Machinery Lubrication or Oil Analysis certification? Repetition, thorough preparation and self-assessment is a process that rewards those that are striving to pass certification exams. This Practice Exam and Flash Card Pack is a fast and effective tool for committing the information to memory and assessing your knowledge level.


Practice Exam
This 125 question multiple-choice practice test is a great self-assessment tool and helps you prepare for both Level I MLT and MLA ICML certification. The answer key is detached for easy grading. Comprehensive explanations teach you the reasoning behind the correct answers. Licensed for use by one person.


Flash Cards
More than 385 flash cards to use as a study aid for preparing for both the ICML Level I MLT and MLA certification exams.

Flash cards let you study in small, digestible bits of information and then use repetition to help remember the information. Repetition is one of the most effective forms of learning and nothing beats flash cards when it comes to making repetitive learning fun and fast.


How to Take a Multiple-Choice Exam
This helpful booklet includes advice from industrial professionals who have passed ICML certification exams as well as helpful hints for the night prior to the exam, steps to take before entering the exam room, techniques to manage your time during the exam, and advice for handling different types of questions.



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