How to Select a Motor Oil and Filter for Your Car or Truck

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When it comes to changing your oil - where do you get your advice? Friends? Salesmen? Commercials? Before spending any more money on oil changes, synthetic oils, premium filters, engine flushes or oil treatments, learn what leading lubrication expert Jim Fitch recommends. 

Don't worry about getting a sales pitch in this book. Jim Fitch has built his career on providing straight-to-the-point, unbiased information. You'll get solid, surefire advice that you will use right away.

Consider this fact:

You will spend thousands on your vehicles during your lifetime. Why waste another minute using the advice you get from your local quick lube or auto parts store? With Jim Fitch's sound recommendations, you'll know exactly what to do next time you change your oil - for about the price of an oil change.

Get answers to these questions and more:

  • Should I change my oil every 3,000 miles?
  • What's the best motor oil type for boosting horsepower?
  • Should I use synthetic motor oils?
  • Do I need a premium oil filter?
  • What's the best oil viscosity to use?
  • When should I flush my engine - if at all?
  • Should I use oil treatments?
  • Should I use a high-mileage oil?

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Topics covered:

Setting the Record Straight on Synthetic Motor Oils. Learn when you should consider using a synthetic oil and when you should avoid them completely.

How to Set Your Optimum Oil Change Interval. Learn Jim's technique for changing your oil based on your vehicle type, vehicle age, lubricant selection, driving conditions, climate, and desired engine endurance.

The Truth about Motor Oil Viscosity. Find out why your car's owners manual recommendation may not be right for you and why more than half of all cars owners use the wrong viscosity. Learn the true differences between monograde and multigrade viscosities (for example: SAE 40 versus SAE 5W-30). How to select the right viscosity for your car and driving conditions.

When and How to Perform an Engine Flush. Should you let oil change shops "flush" your engine? Do you even need to flush your engine? Learn how using the wrong engine flush fluid and procedure could be disastrous.

Dispelling Myths about Engine Treatments and Aftermarket Oil Additives. There are hundreds of products that claim to keep engines clean, protect against friction, restore horsepower and compression, quiet valves, stop oil leaks and more. Learn how to separate fact from fiction when evaluating these products.

The Facts about Motor Oil Filters. Are "premium" oil filters really better for your engine? Get Jim's practical recommendations for selecting oil filters that deliver long engine life and the highest performance. You'll also hear what one automaker states about changing your oil filter that will reduce engine wear by 70%.

How to Select Motor Oils and Filters for Optimum Fuel Economy. Learn why you may, or may not want to buy motor oils that are labeled “Energy Conserving”.

Effective Oil Change Procedures. Learn what Jim considers best practice for changing your oil and filter and why you might want to change the way you change your oil.

You will also learn:

  • When to perform the first oil change on new cars
  • 7 reasons you might want to change your motor oil less frequently
  • 10 reasons you might want to change your oil more frequently
  • 8 specific problems you can reveal by inspecting your dipstick
  • Is it okay to be a quart low?
  • Unbiased, vendor-neutral recommendations




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