Machinery Lubrication 2018 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed some educational sessions at the inaugural Machinery Lubrication Conference in November 2018 or weren't able to attend, you can still get the conference proceedings through the Noria Learning Portal. It includes the papers and some presentations from nearly every learning session.

This gathering of industry experts was chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools centered around lubrication and oil analysis.








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Table Of Contents:

How to Use Oil Analysis as a Root Cause Analysis Tool
Aaron Black

Ultrasound-assisted Lubrication: 3 Approaches to Improving Bearing Lubrication Practices
Adrian Messer

Garbage in, Garbage out: How Lubricant Storage Can Make or Break Your Lube Program
Alan Knight

KPIs and Metrics for Lubrication Program Success
Alejandro Meza

When and Why to Choose Synthetic Lubricants: Making the Financial and Reliability Case
Alejandro Meza

Using Lubricant Appearance Testing for Immediate Corrective Maintenance
Ben Hartman

Error-proof Your Lubrication Program with Visual Lubrication Best Practices
Bennett Fitch

How to Calculate Grease Quantity and Frequency for Bearings
Bennett Fitch

Methods for Analyzing Particles from In-service Lubricants
Bryan Johnson

Controlling Contamination for Precision Lubricant Management
Clay Allen

Onsite Oil Analysis: A Practical Approach for Machine Wear Detection
Dan Walsh

So You Want a World-class Lube Room? Prepare to Justify, Educate and Communicate
David Williams

Understanding Oil Filter Ratings and Why They Matter
Eric Krause

The How and Why of Lubricant Selection and Consolidation for Rotating Machinery
Frank Hayes

Using Oil Condition Monitoring to Improve Environmental Sustainability
Greg Livingstone

Selecting Lubricants to Optimize Rotating Equipment Reliability
James Kovanda

Opportunities and Challenges for AI-driven Fluid Quality
Jeremy Drury

Advances in Maintaining Clean, Dry Oil in Steam and Gas Turbines
Jesper Skov

Case Study: Ingredion's Journey to Lubrication Excellence
Josh Hodge

Greasing Bearings Right with Ultrasound Technology
Keith Macaluso

Food Processing Lubrication: 7 Critical Items for Success
Loren Green

How to Inspect and Analyze New Oil Deliveries
Loren Green

The Power of Correlating Lubrication, Vibration and Infrared Analysis Results
Matt Adams

Using Drones for Remote Oil Sampling
Michael Holloway

How to Prevent Critical Equipment Failures with Proper Lubrication: A Case Study
Michael Meehan

New Developments in Turbine Oil Formulation
Paul Sly

Guidelines for Proper Gearbox Lubrication and Root Cause Failure Analysis
Randy Tyson

Intelligent Decimation: Closing the Gaps Between Vibration and Oil Analyses
Ray Garvey

The Benefits of Transforming Your Lube Room: A Case Study
Roger Story

Best Practices for Maintaining Oil Demulsibility
Scott Howard

Boosting Centrifugal Pump Reliability Through Lubrication Best Practices
Terry Harris

Case Study: How a Proper Lubrication Program Can Cut Downtime by 50 Percent
Tim Newman

Basic Lubrication: What Every Lubrication Professional Should Know
Wes Cash

Oil Analysis Reports: How to Improve Your Diagnostic Success
Wes Cash

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