Reliable Plant 2015 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2015, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the papers and some presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2015 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.







Table Of Contents:

3 RCM Methods that can Improve Your Maintenance Program
Darrin Clark

7 Wastes That Kill Craft Productivity
Edward Stanek

8 Steps to Successfully Build a Reliability-centered Culture
Ricky Smith

A New Approach for Online Condition Monitoring of Turbine Oil
Axel Wegner

Applying Predictive Maintenance to Hydraulic Systems
Patrick Garin

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Lubricating Bearings
Paul Klimuc

Best Practices for Condition Monitoring Using Ultrasound
Adrian Messer

Best Practices for Waste Oil Management
Loren Green

Bridging the Gaps in Your Electric Motor Reliability Program
Noah Bethel

Case Study: Achieving a Clean Lube Room
Ken McPheeters

Case Study: Identifying Structural Resonance in a Centrifugal Water Pump
Douglas Moon

Case Study: Implementing a Continuous Monitoring/Advanced Pattern Recognition Program
Russell Flagg

Case Study: Overcoming Outdated Lube Practices
Stan Hull

Case Study: The Journey to Reliability
Roger Watson

Cleanliness Monitoring of Hydraulic Systems
Geoff Grant

Combating Contamination with Machine Modifications
Alejandro Meza

Condition-based Oil Changes: An Easy Way to Save Big Money
Brian Thorp

Contamination Exclusion vs. Removal: Understanding the Difference
Michael Brown

Contamination: The Uninvited Guest
Robert Crowder

Controlling Water Contamination in Lubricants with Membrane Dehydrators
Sudip Majumdar

Creating a Reliability Culture: How to Establish Your CMMS as the Backbone
Matt Midas

Data-driven Decisions for Justifying Additive Replenishment
Greg Livingstone

Designing Lube Filtration and Storage
Terry Harris

Developing a Sustainable Reliability Program
Vlad Bacalu

Developing an Effective Oil Analysis Program
Bennett Fitch

Driving Reliability with 1-Minute Daily Inspections
Jeremy Wright

Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: A Case Study
Tim Kister

Failing to Communicate: The Role of Effective Task Descriptions
Michael Mazur

Filtration and Fluid Additives: Myths and Realities
Christian Bauer

Get it Right from the Start: Tracking the Life Cycle of a Lubricant
Jeremy Wright

Get the Lowdown on Your Lubricants: How to Read a Product Data Sheet
Michael Brown

Global Trends in Automotive Lubricants
Tina Dasbach

How to Get the Most from Your Filter Cart
Loren Green

How to Identify the Origin of the Contaminants in Your Machines
Alejandro Meza

How to Improve Maintenance and Reliability Through Certification
Jeff Slater

How to Increase Employee Engagement
Diane Closser

How to Increase Reliability with Failure and Spending Analysis
Michael Holloway

How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports
Matt McMahon

How to Lead a Reliability Initiative
Greg Folts

How to Mitigate Risk When Installing or Upgrading Equipment
Fred Elbert

How to Obtain a Representative Oil Sample
Bennett Fitch

How to Select and Use Food-Grade Lubricants
Doug Sackett

How to Sustain Filtration Performance for Increased Reliability
Eric Krause

Improving Equipment Reliability Through Practical Training
Marcello Gracia

Improving Filtration with Magnetic Technology
Roger Simonson

Improving Reliable Manufacturing with Precision Maintenance
Tom Carr

Influencing Operations to Be Your Partner in Reliability
David Rosenthal

Measure and Verify Foundation Flatness to Ensure Reliable Machine Performance
Steve Lochard

New Methods for Analyzing Engine Oil Contaminants
Timothy Ruppel

PM Optimization Made Easy
Joe Anderson

PM Optimization: Striving for Excellence
Kenny Myers

Predicting Equipment Failures with Condition-based Maintenance
Jorge Alarcon

Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation and Improvement: Roadmap and Pitfalls to Avoid
Aron Brendes

Reliability Leadership: Why it's Broken and How to Fix it
Terry Wireman

Reliability of Electrical Systems: From Testing to Monitoring
Alan Ross

Root Cause Analysis: Is it Always the Lubricant’s Fault?
Ted Melencheck

Selecting the Most Reliable and Cost-efficient Air Compressor
Sue Benes

Service Duty of a Journal Bearing in a Harsh Environment: What's Par for the Course?
David Tiffany

Show Me the Money: Cost-Reporting Analysis for Maintenance Mitigation
Leon Reed

Starting Your Campaign: Selling Maintenance as a Profit Center
Joe Anderson

Steps for Successful Change: Leading Your Team into the Future
Chris Christenson

The ABCs of Asset Management
Scott Kelley

The Exacerbation of Moisture in Lubricant Oils
Christopher Altamirano

The Importance of Designing Reliability into Machines
Jerry Putt

The Road to Precision Maintenance
Saul Cizek

The Value of Maintenance Planning
Doc Palmer

Thermal Analysis of Turbine Lubricants
Louis Tisinger

Tools for In-service Fluid Analysis Data Interpretation
Dave Wooton

Turning Your Storeroom into a Reliability Asset
George Krauter

Understanding the Differences Between Synthetics
Wes Cash

Using Big Data to Improve Your Uptime
Burt Hurlock

Using Daily Inspections and Online Contamination Monitoring to Create Savings
Steffen Nyman

Using KPIs to Optimize Your Lubrication Program
Wes Cash

Varnish-free Alternatives for Gas Turbines
Kevin Kovanda

Vibration Analysis Case Studies from the Mining and Steel Industries
Ron Kittle

Vibration Monitoring and Meaningful Alarming
Dennis Shreve

Why All Greases are not the Same
Steve Mazzola

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