Reliable Plant 2016 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2016, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the papers and some presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2016 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.







Table Of Contents:

10 Hydraulic Reliability Checks You Probably Aren't Making
Hank Ayers

3 Keys to Improve Asset Reliability in Mining Operations
Marcello Gracia

30 Years Without an Oil Change: A Case Study
Brian Thorp

4 Common Lubrication Problems and How to Fix Them
Joe Goecke

6 Key Elements for World-class Manufacturing
Paul Bokrossy

A Complete Guide to Using Root Cause Analysis
Gary Helmink

Are Suppliers Hindering Your Progress Toward Proactive Maintenance?
Joe Anderson

Back to the Basics, Forward to Reliability and World-class Lubrication
Suzy Hitchcock

Best Practices for Selecting Lubricants
Alejandro Meza

Case Study: How to Achieve Reliability Success with Leadership, Knowledge and Innovation
John Josserand

Case Study: How to Increase the Reliability of a Lubrication System
Mario Rupf

Case Study: How to Start a Reliability Improvement Program
Ian Green

Case Study: How to Transition from Reactive to Condition-based Maintenance
Jeffrey Ng

Combining Varnish-removal Technologies for Better Turbine Lubrication
Andy Sitton

Controlling Water Contamination in Lubricants with Membrane Dehydrators
Hannah Murnen

Embracing Precision Lubrication: A Case Study
Saul Cizek

Establishing a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Program
Doc Palmer

Going Beyond Routine Oil Analysis
Heather Vercillo

How Oil Analysis Can Be Used for Lubrication Management
Bill Quesnel

How Technology Can Drive Reliability Improvement
Tom Dabbs

How the Industrial Internet is Changing Asset Management
Matthew Wells

How to Choose a High-speed Grease
Wes Cash

How to Determine Engine Oil Quality
Tina Dasbach

How to Determine Grease Compatibility and Why It’s Important
Rich Wurzbach

How to Develop a Corporate Reliability Strategy
David Rosenthal

How to Double the Life of Critical Equipment with Effective Lubrication
Jeremy Wright

How to Implement a Global Reliability Program
Ron Reimer

How to Implement an Effective Lubrication Program
Alejandro Meza

How to Interpret Particle Count Results of In-service Lubricants
Rüdiger Krethe

How to Keep Lubricants Clean Right from the Start
Jason Gerig

How to Prevent Machine Failures with Precision Alignment
Pedro Casanova

How to Use Effective Metrics for Better Asset Management
Scott Kelley

How to Use Infrared Technology for Reliability-based Maintenance
Christopher Casey

Identifying Contaminated and Mislabeled Lubricants
Pat Maggi

Identifying the Risks and Failure Modes of Electrical Systems
Alan Ross

Improving Maintenance and Reliability for Wastewater Operations
David Tuccio

Improving the Effectiveness of PMs
Roger Borycki

Key Components of Effective Lubricant Storage
Terry Harris

Laying the Foundation for Successful Asset Management: A Case Study
Tacoma Zach

Maintenance Metrics and KPIs You Should be Measuring
Jay Ratliff

Manual vs. Automatic Lubrication: Which is Better?
Jeffrey Boyles

Methods for Controlling Varnish in Industrial Hydraulic Systems
Mrinal Mahapatro

Metrics for Lubrication Program Success
Jeremy Wright

Moisture Contamination and Its Effect on the Remaining Useful Life of Bearings
Garrett Rowe

Monitoring Slow-speed Bearings with Ultrasound
Adrian Messer

New Advances in Oil Debris Monitoring
Paul Cain

New Method for Detecting Glycol in Used Engine Oil
Roland St. Germain

New Techniques to Fight the Maintenance Crisis
Joel Leonard

No Time for Maintenance? 12 Ways to Get It Done
Jeff Shiver

Optimizing Your PMR Program
David Hull

Purchasing Equipment with Maintenance in Mind
Jay Zaffino

Reliability on a Budget: How One Person Can Make a Difference
Christopher Haught

Save Your Equipment: How to Determine Which Maintenance Actions Drive Results
Bryan Debshaw

Secrets for Refrigeration Compressor Lubrication
Wes Cash

Skills Assessment Testing, Mapping and Remediation
Jim Fitch

Strategies for Overcoming Asset Management Implementation Barriers
Mark Wolfgram

Tactics to Sustain and Improve Your Reliability Program
Vlad Bacalu

The Advantages of Choosing Biodegradable Lubricants
Jim Pezoldt

The Benefits of Proactive Lubrication
Dale Jones

The Future of Food-grade Lubricants
Tyler Housel

The Hidden Costs in Air Compressor Operation
Susan Benes

The Importance of Proper Storage and Labeling in Machinery Lubrication
Gene Goetz

The Importance of Tactical Maintenance Leadership
Abdul Alami

The Most Common Things That Destroy a Lubrication Program
Jorge Alarcon

The Real Reasons Why Hydraulic Fluids Fail
Doug Muennich

Training for PMs, PMs for Training
Michael Mazur

Understanding the Requirements and Classifications of Hydraulic Fluids
Doug Sackett

Understanding the True Cost of Improper Lubrication
Eric Rasmusson

Using a Lean Approach for Greater Machine Reliability
Paul Conley

Using Condition Monitoring Instruments to Get the Most from Your PdM Program
Ken Piety

Using Lean Principles to Make Your Plant Cleaner and More Efficient
Michael Parks

Using Linear Voltammetry to Analyze In-service Lubricants
Dave Wooton

Using PdM Technologies to Achieve Greater Reliability
Nathan Southwell

Using Root Cause Analysis to Break Away from Reactive Maintenance
Chris Eckert

When and How to Use High-performance Grease
Dr. Anoop Kumar

Why Preventive Maintenance Will Not Solve Your Reliability Problems
Jason Tranter

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