How to Improve Your Predictive Maintenance Program or Start One from Scratch

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Now you can avoid the costly trial-and-error approach to predictive maintenance. This paper outlines a proven path to success in PdM. Whether you want to improve your PdM program or start one from scratch, you'll find the facts you can put into practice immediately, such as: Basic Concept of Predictive Maintenance; Top 6 Benefits of PdM; Hidden Benefit of PdM; First Job of Your PdM Program; How To Choose the Right PdM Technologies; Which Equipment to Monitor with PdM; Choosing the Right Level of PdM Coverage; What to Measure - 11 Key PdM Metrics; Four Reasons Why PdM Doesn't Work; Are You Collecting The Right Data; What Kind of PdM Program - the 3 Options; How To Choose A PdM Service Provider; Dealing with the Skills Crisis; and Putting It All Together - The PdM Design and Scope.

Author: John Schultz and Andy Page, Allied Reliability
Source: Reliability World 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages: 8
Figures and Illustrations: 6
Format: PDF - Digital Download

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