Lean Maintenance - Reduce Costs, Improve Quality and Increase Market Share

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To reduce costs and improve production, most large manufacturing and process companies that have embraced the Lean Enterprise concept have taken an approach of building all of the systems and infrastructure throughout the organization. The result of this traditional approach has been erratic implementation efforts that often stall-out, or are terminated, before the benefits come. Plants can accelerate their improvements with much lower risk through the elimination of the defects that create work and impede production efficiency. Optimizing the maintenance function first will both increase maintenance time available to do further improvements and will reduce the defects that cause production downtime. Thus cost reduction and improved production are immediate results from establishing Lean maintenance operations as the first step in the overall Lean Enterprise transformation.

Author:  Ricky Smith, Allied Reliability
Source:  Reliability World 2008 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  3
Figures and Illustrations:  2
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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