Online Training: Best Practices for Lubricant Storage and Handling

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Squeezing maximum life out of lubricants and extending machine life starts with putting a healthy, clean lubricant into the machine. In this training video, you'll learn the very best practices for ensuring this essential piece of lubrication excellence is in place.

Best Practices for Lubricant Storage and Handling provides procedures you can implement right away for managing lubricants from delivery to dispensing to filling the machine. You'll learn the very best practices for new oil storage / handling AND you'll use this video to train lubrication and maintenance personnel, operators, mechanics, new hires and others.

Includes an online Student Workbook for each course.

Course Length:

60 mins


 Each seat x 365 days*

*You are purchasing single-seat licenses for 365 days from the date of purchase. Only one person per seat may view the training materials. The seat license is not based on concurrent connections and may not be shared by other users.

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  • 5 critical inspections for new lubricant deliveries

  • The very best practices for designing and maintaining lubricant storage areas

  • How to minimize stored lubricant degradation and additive settling

  • Advice for developing a quality control policy for lubricants

  • Guidelines for when and when not to buy lubricants in bulk

  • Common lubricant storage mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Best practices for lubricant labeling and identification

  • 9 must-do best practices when storing bulk lubricants

  • How to make your lubricant storage area safe and functional

  • How to configure filter carts for filtering new oils

  • Best practices for filter cart use and storage

  • How to minimize contamination when transferring and filling

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