Reliable Plant 2013 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2013, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the papers and some presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2013 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.

Published: 2013
Format: CD-ROM
Pages: 1214
Table Of Contents:
3 Keys to Driving Sustainable Change and Project Success
Bruce Wesner, Life Cycle Engineering

Two-Tiered Predictive Maintenance Programs for Plant Organizations
Jack Nicholas

Using a Team Approach to Achieve Maintenance Excellence
Ray Ardahji, Toyota Boshoku America

Using Root Cause Analysis as a Proactive Tool
Bob Latino, Reliability Center Inc.

Using Surface Technology to Extend Equipment Lifecycles
Ricardo Hein, Conexo

Using Ultrasound-Assisted Lubrication
Adrian Messer, UE Systems, Inc.

Viscosity Selection Using Viscosity-Temperature Graphs
Bob Scott, Noria Corporation

What You Should Know About Lubrication and Seal Compatibility
Greg Kayes, Kluber Lubrication North America L.P.

When Are Mineral Oils Superior to Synthetics?
Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

Why Maintainability Should not be an Afterthought
Jerry Putt, Noria Corporation

7 Common Traits of Winning Maintenance Reliability Programs
Terrence O'Hanlon,

8 Steps to Achieving Operational Excellence
Kevin Duggan, Institute for Operational Excellence

A Practical Guide to Developing KPIs
Paul Lanthier, Carver PA Corporation

A Structured Approach to Training and Development for Reliability
Bill Lyons, Holcim US

Accelerated Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis of Wear Metals in Oil
Michael Sgroi, CETAC Technologies

Achieving Labor Excellence in Maintenance and Lubrication
Alejandro Meza, Innovalube

Advanced Gas Turbine Reliability Issues and Management
Syed Ahmed Nadeem, Pakistan Int Airlines

Air Seals: An Alternative to Packing
Tom Horner, Inpro/Seal

Alignment and Installation Factors that Impact Machine Reliability
Steve Lochard, LUDECA Inc.

Alternatives to Traditional Oil Testing Methods
Susan Benes, ASPEX Corporation

Building the Business Case for Maintenance Planners
Andy Gager, Life Cycle Engineering

Case Studies in Contamination Control at Mine Sites
Christian Bauer, Pall Corporation

Case Study: DuPont Louisville Refrigeration Machine Failure
Brian Blyth, DuPont

Changing Maintenance Professionals to Diagnosticians
Dale Constantine, Step Energy Services

Complete Guide to Starting a Lubrication Program
Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

Conditioning and Regeneration of Ester-Based Fluids
Steffen Nyman, C.C.JENSEN

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams
Kevin Duggan, Institute for Operational Excellence

Effective Enterprise Asset Management Master Planning
Mike Greenholtz, GenesisSolutions

Efficient Real-World Contamination Control of Hydraulic Fluids
Dan Zoller, Schroeder Industries

Environmentally Safe Lubricants in Industry
Mark Miller, Terresolve

Expectations vs. Reality: How Well Does Your Filter Perform?
Christian Bauer, Pall Corporation

Food-Grade Lubricants: What You Need to Know
Toby Porter, Kluber Lubrication North America L.P.

FRACAS – Anatomy of a Failure
James Taylor, Machinery Management Solutions

FTIR Spectroscopy – A Misunderstood Lubricant Analysis Tool
Dave Wooton, Wooton-Consulting

Getting to Effective Preventive Maintenance
John Crossan, John Crossan Consulting

Grease: Filling the Void
Lisa Wadlington, Shell

How a Proactive Analysis Program Can Save Money
Will Willis Jr., On-Site Analysis, Inc.

How Clean Fluid Can Extend Component Life and Provide Cost Savings
Eric Miller, Petrolink USA

How to Choose the Right Oil Filter
Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

How to Design a World-Class Lube Room
Mark Jones, Lubrication Engineers

How to Efficiently Remove Varnish
Felix Michold, C.C. Jensen Iberica S.L.

How to Identify Root Causes of Lubrication Failures
Jorge Alarcon, IK4-Tekniker

How to Select Heat Transfer Fluids
Gaston Arseneault, Petro-Canada Lubricants

How to Select the Right Lubricant for the Right Application
Anoop Kumar, Royal Manufacturing

Implementing Reliability into Assets through Predictive Maintenance
Kenneth Hughes, Power Partners Inc.

Integrating Operations and PdM into a Comprehensive Reliability Strategy
Jeff Evans, Maintenance Strategies Inc

iPads in the Workplace
Tim Chaten, GTI Spindle Technology, Inc.

Lube Manuals Should be more than Catalog Cut Sheets
Jerry Putt, Noria Corporation

Lubricant Deposit Characterization
Dave Wooton, Wooton-Consulting

Lubricant Deposit Characterization Case Studies
Greg Livingstone, Fluitec

Lubrication: An Exercise in Continuous Improvement
Ted Melencheck, Cargill Deicing Technology

Maintenance Key Performance Indicators
Darrin Clark, ArcelorMittal USA

Managing Risk from Transformer Failures
Alan Ross, SD Myers

Monitoring Cleanliness Levels in Hydraulic Systems
Eric Krause, Pall Corpration

Monitoring Low RPM Bearings
Larry Goodenow, SPM Instrument

Motivating the Troops: How to Increase Employee Engagement
Diane Closser, Closser Lubrication Services, Inc.

Oil Analysis Case Studies: When Routine Tests are not Enough
Cary Forgeron, Analysts, Inc.

Oil Analysis Report Interpretation
Matthew McMahon, Insight Services

Oil Analysis Results from Primary Contamination Types
Aaron Black, POLARIS Laboratories, LLC

Oil Monitoring as a Tool to Optimize Hydraulic/Lubrication
Mrinal Mahapatro, Pall Corporation

Planning and Scheduling: A Best Practices Overview
Matt Midas, GenesisSolutions

Preventing Ingress Contamination with Bearing Cavity Pressurization
Henry Dombroski, Air-Tight LLC

Process Performance Optimization
Bruce Wesner, Life Cycle Engineering

Protecting Your Machine Surfaces from Chemical Attacks
Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

Putting New Life in Your Oil Analysis Program
Bob Scott, Noria Corporation

Rapid Analyses for Fuel and Antifreeze in Used Engine Oil
Timothy Ruppel, PerkinElmer

Reliability Analysis: Adding Value to a Predictive Maintenance Program
John Pucillo, Predictive Service

Reliability as a Service: How Cloud Computing Moved into Maintenance
Tim Kelley, Azima DLI

Secrets to Achieving Lubrication Excellence
Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

Simple Ways to Monitor Lubricant Condition
Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

The Benefits of Proactive Lubrication
Dale Jones, Allegheny Wah Chang

Tools for Successful Reliability Partnerships
Ward Bond, Covance

Transforming Lubrication Procedures to Best Practices
Daniel Rader, Oklahoma Gas and Electric

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