Reliable Plant 2014 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2014, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the papers and some presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2014 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.

Author: Various
Published: 2014
Format: CD-ROM
Table Of Contents:
A New Approach for Changing the Lubrication Culture – A Brazilian Case Study
Luiz Otávio Rocha Bandeira Jr., Marcello Attilio Gracia

A New Look at Criticality Analysis in the Context of Lubrication-enabled Machine Reliability
Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

Advanced Data Interpretation
Evan Zabawski, CLS

Analytical Ferrography & Patch Analysis: A Case Study Review
Aaron Black

Asset Criticality Ranking An EAM Best Practice Overview
Quinton GoForth, Genesis Solutions

Automated Wear Debris Identification – A Case Study
Binyam Abraham and Susan R Benes, FEI

Autonomous Maintenance for Better Plant Reliability
Pruet Kampee, PTT Public Company Limited

Babbitt – The Other Bearing Lubrication
Mark A. Tarbet, P.E.

Beat the Leak: Essential Practices for Connector and Conductor Professionals
Donna Pollander, International Fluid Power Society

Benefits of Simulating Contamination Effects on Grease Using New Laboratory Tests
Wade Flemming, John Sander and Spencer Courtney

Best Practices for Electrical System Reliability
Alan Ross, SD Myers

Building the Business Case for Maintenance Planners & Storeroom Control
Andrew Gager, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc.

Choosing the Right Chain Oil for Elevated Temperatures
Toby Porter, Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.

Custom Classification of Wear Particles Using Image Analysis

Designing Effective Lubricant Storage
Terry Harris, Reliable Process Solutions

How to Develop a Lubrication Program and Achieve a Change in Culture
Jonathan McNees, Sinclair Wyoming Refining Co.

How to Develop a Winning Relationship With Your Oil Analysis Lab
Cary Forgeron, CLS

Foundation for a World-Class Program: Reporting Downtime
Eduardo Neira

Employee Engagement: Driving Your Own Success
Diane Closser and Tom Hiatt

Causes and Consequences of Contamination in Diesel Engines
Diego Navarro, John Deere Construction and Forestry

A More Cost-Effective Alternative for Flushing Turbine Oil Systems
Greg Livingstone, Fluitec

Foaming and Air Release Characteristics of Industrial Gear Oils
Rüdiger Krethe and Steffen Bots, OilDoc GmbH

What You Should Know About Food-grade Lubricants
Loren Green, Noria Corporation

Friction’s Nemesis: Proper Lubrication
J. Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

Gearbox Condition Monitoring through Used Oil Analysis
Dave Tiffany, Pioneer Engineering

Grease Sampling of Wind Turbines
Richard N. Wurzbach, MRG Labs

Grease Selection, Application, and Maintenance Practices
Frank J. Hayes

How to Build a Comprehensive PM/PdM Program
Terry Taylor, IDCON Inc

How to Calculate Viscosity Requirements for Rolling-element Bearings
Wesley Cash, Noria Corporation

How to Establish Best-practice Procedures
Wesley Cash, Noria Corporation

How to Introduce a New Reliability Program
Paul Bonorden, INVISTA

How Vibration Can Trick You
Jack Staudt and Karl Hoffower, Condition Monitoring Solutions Inc.

Hydraulic Particle Counter Sample Preparation
Bill Bars

Improving Equipment Reliability through Root-Cause Failure Analysis
Allan Andreycak, W.R.GRACE & Co.; Chris Nowlen, Lubrication Engineers Inc.

Increase Asset Reliability through Effective Planning and Scheduling
Kris Bagadia, PEAK Industrial Solutions, LLC

Increasing Wind Turbine Availability with an Effective Lubrication Program
Duke Energy Renewables

Innovative PdM Techniques for Reciprocating Compressors
Michael Boken

Lessons Learned in Developing a Maintenance Program
Jay Edwards, MillerCoors

Lubricant Storage and Handling Do’s and Don’ts
Rick James and Michael Brown, Noria Corporation

Lubrication Case Studies: 30 years of Real-world Experiences
Jorge Alarcon and Jesus Terradillos, IK4-TEKNIKER Spain

Lubrication Excellence Program Development, An EAM Best Practice Overview
Leon Reed, Genesis Solutions

Making Quick Changeovers for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Jobs

Making the Most of Your Oil Analysis Data
Gene Wagenseller, Analysts Inc.

Methods for Evaluating Oil Filter Performance
Kal Farooq, Pall Corporation

Minimize Downtime and Improve Safety by Preparing for Incidental Spills
Karen D. Hamel, New Pig

Moisture Analysis of Lubricants Using Relative Humidity Sensor Technology
James A. Moore and Christopher J. Altamirano Research Chemist Group, Arizona Instrument LLC

Natural Gas Engine Oils
Robert Scott LubeWorks Ltd. and Noria Corporation

Oil Analysis Case Studies: Overcoming Common Problems and Challenges with Lube Oil Condition Monitoring
Saeed M. Asiri, Saudi Aramco

Case Study: Achieving a World-class Lube Room

Using Online Particle Counting as CBM Tool
Steffen D. Nyman

Tricks, Tips and Traps of Oil Sampling

PM OptimizationAn EAM Best Practice Overview
Mike Greenholt, Genesis Solutions

Preventive Maintenance Optimization Through FMEA
Greg Folts, Marshall Institute

Qualifying Your Lubricant Supplier
Doug Sackett, TOTAL Lubricants USA

RCA: Is It Always the Lubricant’s Fault?
Ted Melencheck, Cargill

Remote Condition Monitoring Technology Benefits and Challenges
Joe Van Dyke, Operations Azima DLI

Roll-off cleanliness as an important factor to cost control
Dan Zoller, Schroeder Industries / HYDAC International

Root Cause Analysis
John Martinez, Reliability Engineer, Tate & Lyle

Secrets to Achieving Lubrication Excellence
Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

Selection and Application of Hydraulic Filters
Eric Krause, Pall Corporation

Should I Change my Oil?
Dave Wooton, Wooton-Consulting and Greg Livingston, Fluitec, International

Steps to Audit and Benchmark your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Culture
Jeff Shiver, People and Processes, Inc.

Strategic vs Tactical Reliability: How to get and stay on track
Jay Shellogg, P.E.

Taking Predictive Maintenance to the Next Level
Mark Latino, Reliability Center Inc.

Taming the “Paper Tiger” In Planned Maintenance
Michael Mazur, Schwan’s Global Supply Chain

Techniques for Improving Machinery Reliability
Ian McKinnon, Reliability Solutions

The Importance of Precision Machine Alignment
Steve Lochard, Ludeca Inc.

The Petrochemical Processing Instrumentation Crisis
Jason Deane, WIKA Instrument

Today’s Tier 4 regulation demands comprehensive Fuel Filtration approach
Kristine Mikulan, HYDAC International

Implementing a Training Plan to Support a World-class Lubrication Program
Alejandro Meza, Noria Corporation

3 Reliability Keys for Electric Motor Testing
Noah Bethel, PdMA

Understanding Filter Debris Analysis
Scott Shoemaker

Using Membrane Dehydrators for Water Contamination Control in Lubricating and Hydraulic Fluids
Sudip Majumdar, Compact Membrane Systems

Using Multiple PdM Technologies to Identify Bearing Faults
Don Jones

Value Delivery Through Reliability Leadership
Terrence O’Hanlon,

Vibration Analysis for Improved Maintenance and Profitability
Dennis H. Shreve, GE-Bently, Commtest

Wear Debris Mode Classification and Pre-emptive Root Cause Diagnosis
Violet Leavers, V4L Particles Ltd

What a Maintenance Reliability Program Should Look Like
David Kintner Jr., Leprino Foods

What to Consider Before Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil and Filter
Gerald E. Putt

Who Should Test and Evaluate Oil Samples?
Michael Hooper

Determining the Best-Practice Oil Sampling Location
J. Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

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