Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice

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This book provides a practical introduction to dynamic and positive displacement compressors, including compressor performance, operation, and problem awareness. In reading this book readers will learn what is needed to select, operate, and troubleshoot compressors. Complete with real-life case histories, the book demonstrates investigative techniques for identifying and isolating various contributing causes, including design deficiencies, manufacturing defects, adverse environmental conditions, operating errors, and intentional or unintentional changes of the machinery process that usually precede failure.

Author:  Anthony Giampaolo, MSME, PE
Published:  2010
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  300
Table Of Contents:  



General Compressor Theory

Thermodynamics of Compression

Compressor Types

Dynamic Compressors

    Axial Compressors

    Centrifugal Compressors

    Variations in Compressor Design

Positive Displacement Compressors


    Reciprocating Compressors

    Integral Engine Compressors

    Preliminary Selection and Sizing

Screw Compressors

    Screw Compressor Control

Effect of Operating Conditions

Effects of Temperature & Pressure

Effects of Compression Ratio

Effects of Specific Heat Ratio

Throughput Control

Speed Control

Suction Throttling Control

Discharge Valve Throttling Control

Recycle Valve Control

Variable Volume Pocket Control

Description of Surge

Surge & Stall

Stone Wall

Surge Control

Minimum Flow Control

Maximum Pressure Control

Ratio Control


Rotor Response

Sources of Vibration

Valve Requirements

Valve Types

Valve Trim

Instrument Requirements

Sensor Types

Speed of Response

Detectable Problems

Mechanical Problems

Electrical problems

Performance Problems

Case Studies

Case Study 1—Compressor Surge Control

    Using Programmable Logic Controllers

Case Study 2—Optimization & Revitalization of

    Existing Reciprocating Compression Assets

Case Study 3—Piston Rod Run-out is a Key Criterion for Recip Compressors

Case Study 4—Effect of Pulsation Bottle

    Design on the Performance of a Modern

    Low-speed Gas Transmission Compressor Piston

Case Study 5—Resolution of a Compressor

    Valve Failure: A Case Study



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