How to Plan, Develop and Implement a Lubrication Program

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Jeremy Wright


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Effective lubrication programs can drastically reduce downtime and deliver a healthy return on investment. The best programs are well-planned and have a roadmap to achieve the desired goals. This presentation focuses on the four phases of lubrication program development: assessing the current state of the program, designing best practices and taking specific actions to achieve goals and maintain continuous improvement.

Jeremy Wright of Noria Corporation guides you through a strategy for avoiding pitfalls and creating an efficient lubrication program that delivers results.

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  • A 3 step plan for taking advantage of the lowest hanging fruit
  • Specific actions you must take to maximize benefits
  • Effective lubrication metrics for monitoring success

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to maximize the value of a lubrication program. Whether you are starting from scratch or improving an existing program, you’ll leave this webinar with a list of action items that you can use right away.

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