Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Standards

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Format: Four books, soft cover

Pages: 517 total

Illustrations: 774 color photos and illustrations (approx.)

Who Will Benefit:
• Maintenance Professionals
• Craftsmen and Millwrights
• Operators
• PM and PdM Technicians
• Planners/Schedulers
• Trainers

Multiple Uses:
• Inspection routes
• Work order systems
• Task training
• Reference
• Shutdown inspections
• On-the-run inspections
• Know-why training

Build a World Class Preventive Maintenance Process

Stop More Equipment Failures
Use these easy to follow standards and tasks as building blocks for your preventive maintenance program to help reduce failures, improve safety, boost equipment efficiency and speed, and minimize unplanned shutdowns and maintenance.

Make Maintenance Activities More Effective
These comprehensive, ready to use tasks make PMs effective and efficient. You'll eliminate vague PMs like “check meter” or “inspect belt” and provide clear instructions. Each task includes a detailed procedure that describes exactly how to complete the task and why. By establishing well-documented PM tasks and procedures, you’ll standardize work and reduce variability – a major cause of poor reliability.


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
More than 750 photos and illustrations are used to point out PM activity points on machines and visually demonstrate acceptable vs. unacceptable conditions.

Each time-proven standard was crafted by experienced plant professionals and the maintenance experts from IDCON and used in hundreds of companies in 41 different countries.

Each Task Includes:


Detailed task instructions (ideal for reference and training)


A brief explanation of how the component or machine being inspected works


An explanation of why each task is important


A reference number


Some tasks include suggested intervals for each on-the-run or shutdown inspection


Some tasks include a brief description for use in inspection routes and work order systems

Great For:


The basis for inspection routes and work order systems


Reference when building or enhancing a preventive maintenance program


Reference when executing condition monitoring inspections


Training material for teaching basic functions of components


Training material for how and why to do condition monitoring/inspections

Topics Include: cleaning, leaks, noise, vibration, lubrication and lubricants, visual inspection, temperature, strobe light, pressure, performance, alignment, corrosion, couplings, bolts and fasteners, guards, housings, seals, filters, belts, hoses, bearings, piping and connections, welds, base and foundations, mounts and much more.

Machine and Component Types Included:

Accumulator, Compressed Air
Accumulator, Hydraulic
Agitator / Mixer
Air Breather
Bearing, Oil Cooled
Bearing, Pillow Block
Belt, Cog
Blower, Rotary Lobe
Bolts and Nuts
Brake Disc
Chain Drive
Check Valves
Clutch Centrifugal
Compressor Rotary Screw, Quincy
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Drag
Conveyor Screw
Conveyor, Small Production
Coupling, Fluid
Coupling, Gear
Coupling, Grid
Coupling, Jaw
Coupling, Magnetic
Coupling, Sure flex
Coupling, Thomas
Coupling, Tire
Coupling, Torus
Coupling, Wrap flex / Atra flex
Coupling, ELCO
Coupling, Safeset
Cylinder, Air
Cylinder, Hydraulic
Debarker, Drum
Doctor Blade
Dryer System, Air Desiccant
Expansion Joint
Fan, Axial
Fan, Radial
Gauge, Magnetic Flow
Gear Reducer
Heat Exchanger
Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Unit
Index Drive, Rotary
Limit Switch, Linear
Limit Switch, Rotary
Lubrication, Reservoir
Lubrication, Single Point Units
Mechanical Seal
Motion Detector
Motor, AC
Motor, DC
Motor, Starter
Piping and Pipe Hangers
Pneumatic Filter and Oil Mist
Proximity Switch, Acoustic
Proximity Switch, Capacitive
Proximity Switch, Inductive
Pulp Refiner, Beloit Double Disc
Pulp Refiner, Classic Conical
Pulp Refiner, Conical-Disc
Pulp Refiner, Single Disc
Pump, Diaphragm
Pump, Multistage
Pump, Progressive Cavity
Pump, Vertical, Multistage
Pump, Gear

Pump, Piston
Pump, Vacuum Nash
Pump, Vane
Pump, Centrifugal
Pump, Diaphragm Metering
Pump, Double Suction Centrifugal
Pump, Peristaltic
Pump, Vertical Sump

Regulator, Air
Rope Sheaves
Screen, Centrifugal
Screen, Disc
Screen, Vibrating
Screen, Reciprocating
Steam Joint, Valmet
Steam Trap, Mechanical
Steam Trap, Thermodynamic
Steam Trap, Thermostatic
Steam Turbine, Small
Strander, Disc (On-the-run)
Strander, Disc (Shutdown)
Universal Joint
Valve, Solenoid
Valve with Actuator
V-Belt Drive

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