Synthetic Lubricants - When to Avoid, When to Use

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Jeremy Wright

Course Length:

60 mins


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Synthetic or not? The devil is in the details. 
To get value from synthetic lubricants, you must understand when and where to use them. Some applications may result in improved performance while others may be a waste of money and potentially hazardous.  In this webinar, Jeremy Wright of Noria Corporation guides you through a strategy for making smart lubricant selection decisions from a cost and reliability standpoint.  Demystify the hype around synthetics and begin making informed recommendations and decisions. You’ll leave this webinar understanding exactly when and where you should consider using synthetic lubricants.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to take advantage of the properties that make synthetics different
  • The truth about the life-cycle cost of synthetic vs. mineral oil
  • A logical approach to identify conditions requiring synthetics

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