Contamination Control in Highly Contaminated Environments

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The iron, coal, precious metal, and mineral mining industries subject lubrication and hydraulic systems and components to extreme levels of contamination that are rarely seen in other manufacturing environments. Yet, in one case study, an iron ore processing facility was able to reduce the material and labor expenses associated with replacing lube oil pumps by more than $2.3MM annually. Remarkably, the one time cost associated with upgrading the oil conditioning equipment was less than $200K, resulting in a first year annualized savings of over $2MM. This paper will present details of this success and others in which it has been proven that even highly contaminated environments can be economically upgraded through the proper use of high performance fluid filtration solutions.

Author:  David Kolstad, Porous Media
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  7
Figures and Illustrations:  15
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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