New Methods for Trending Varnish Buildup in Mineral Turbine Oils

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The changes in gas turbine designs coupled with changes in turbine oil formulations have led to a real and identifiable problem of oil-related turbine trips caused by varnish. Changes in turbine oil asset-management; changes in turbine oil filtration methods and shortened turbine oil drain intervals have become necessary as a result. The challenge now is to develop varnish monitoring methods that are reliable, rapid and low cost. In this paper, you'll see new documented results of the correlation between the level of anti-oxidant additives and the varnish buildup in an oil. This unique correlation could be useful in the condition monitoring of turbine oils for varnish.

Author:  Andy Sitton, Focus Laboratories and Joameye, Fluitec International
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  5
Figures and Illustrations:  11
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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