Reliable Plant 2018 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed some educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2018 or weren't able to attend, you can still get the conference proceedings through the Noria Learning Portal. It includes the papers and some presentations from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2018 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.








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Table Of Contents:

10 Common Grease Problems and How to Solve Them
Joe Goecke

10 Keys for Improved Plant Reliability
Shon Isenhour

3 Causes of Unreliability and How to Eliminate Them
Nathan Wright

A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Planner
Steven Tuttle

Advantages of Centralized Asset Management
Guadalupe Rodriguez

Best Methods for Reducing Vibration Levels in Mechanical Systems
Robert Sayer

Best Practices for Topping up Small Sumps and Reservoirs
Garrett Bapp

Best Ways to Capture Knowledge from an Aging Workforce
Paul Dufresne

Best Ways to Detect Water in Oil
Alejandro Meza

Case Study - How to Implement Lubrication Best Practices
Preeti Prasad

Case Study - How to Uncover the Root Cause of Failures and Improve Hydraulic System Reliability
William Abernathy

Case Study - Planning and Scheduling an Improvement Project
Scott Roth

Choosing the Right Failure Analysis Tool for the Job
Thomas Brown

Common Misconceptions for Using Infrared Thermography to Inspect Plant Equipment
T.J. Garten

Controlling Dirt Ingression in Engine Oil
Nnamdi Achebe

Creating a Reliability Culture for Power Systems
Alan Ross

Embracing Data Management to Prevent a Plant Disaster
Marc Laplante

Extending Equipment Life Through Better Lubricant Selection
Diane Closser

From Firefighting to First-class Maintenance - A Case Study
Don McDaniel

Goodyear's Journey to Lubrication Excellence - A Case Study
Andrei Melo

Growing a Maintenance Organization - A Farm System Approach
Douglas Smith

How and Why You Should Quantify Your Maintenance Tasks
Roger Collard

How ISO 55000 Is Changing the Definition of Lubrication Excellence
Jim Fitch

How to Analyze Grease with FTIR Spectroscopy
Dave Wooton

How to Apply Reliability-centered Maintenance Concepts in Your Daily Work
Jeff Shiver

How to Commission Equipment for Better Asset Management
Saul Cizek

How to Design Effective Lubricant Storage
Terry Harris

How to Design, Implement and Manage an Effective Oil Analysis Program
Alejandro Meza

How to Determine When New Oil Is Needed
Andy Lantos

How to Ensure Hydraulic System Reliability
Martin Migliori

How to Get the Most Out of Your Engine Oil
Wes Cash

How to Implement a Preventive Maintenance Program
Abdul Alami

How to Interpret an Oil Analysis Report
Evan Zabawski

How to Lower Maintenance Costs with a Condition Monitoring Program
Steffen Nyman

How to Make Your Plant Safer Through Worker Engagement
Paul Durko

How to Manage Critical Spares to Achieve Plant Reliability
Don Shoemaker

How to Match the Lubricant to the Application
Brian Schmidt

How to Maximize the Value of IoT-based Condition Monitoring
Jeremy Drury

How to Prepare for a Plant Shutdown
Mohammed Al-Ismail

How to Properly Identify Your Lubrication Requirements
Nick Stolz

How to Spot the Clues of Air Entrapment and Foaming in Oil
Paul Sly

How to Start or Revive a Maintenance and Reliability Program
Dale Deem

How to Start Predicting Equipment Failures and Stop Fixing Machines
Will Zell

How to Turn Around a Poor-performing Reliability Program
Brad McCully

How to Use Vibration Analysis to Identify Equipment Problems
Walter Barringer

How to Write More Effective Maintenance Work Orders and Task Descriptions
Michael Mazur

Improving Equipment Reliability Through Condition Monitoring
Girish Chandra

Is a Fill-for-Life Lubrication Strategy Right for You
Jatin Mehta

Is Reliability-centered Maintenance for You
Nancy Regan

Key Principles of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Doc Palmer

Latest Advances in Vibration Analysis for Low-speed Machines
Ron Kittle

Maximizing Asset Value with ISO 55000
Johnny Bofilios

Maximizing the Lubricant Supplier Relationship
Jason Gerig

Most Effective Ways to Evaluate Your Lubricants
Greg Fernandez

Motion Amplification - A New Way to Visualize Vibration
Jeff Hay

New Alternatives for Mitigating Varnish in Turbine Oil - A Case Study
Russell Flagg

New Oil Analysis Methods for Identifying Varnish
Ruediger Krethe

New Thermal Techniques for Grease Analysis
Cory Schomburg

Next-generation Prescriptive Maintenance - A Case Study
Rendela Wenzel

Optimizing Plant Performance with the IIoT
Sergio Rossi

Optimizing the Lifespan of Turbine Oil Through Proper Maintenance - A Case Study
David Turner

Overcoming the Risks of Cold Machine Starts
Bennett Fitch

Pinpointing the Root Causes of Particle Contamination
Scott Howard

Procedure-based Maintenance - Taking Maintenance to the Next Level
James Kovacevic

Pump System Optimization - The Key to Improving Plant Reliability
Gary Patterson

Recognizing the Dangers of Hazardous Chemicals in Your Facility
Rose Wilson

Reliability Engineering in the Wind Industry - A Case Study
Matthew Carney

Selecting Lubricants for Pharmaceutical Facilities
Alejandro Meza

Taking Oil Sampling to the Next Level
Bernie Hall

The Benefits and Limitations of Wireless Vibration Technology
Rich Pratt

The Power of Correlating Oil Analysis and Vibration Analysis Results
Andy Page

The Power of Remote Condition Monitoring in Optimizing Maintenance Practices
Eric Krause

Ultrasound-assisted Lubrication - 3 Approaches to Improving Bearing Lubrication Practices
Adrian Messer

Understanding Jidoka - The DNA of the Toyota Production System
Ray Ardahji

Understanding the Changing Requirements for Food-grade Lubricants
Wes Cash

Understanding the Complexities of Ultrasound for Machine Condition Monitoring
Andy Page

Using Data Science to Prevent Machine Failures and Plant Disruptions
Michael Brooks

Using Drones for Remote Oil Sampling
Michael Holloway

Using Infrared Thermography for Successful Condition Monitoring
Len Harrington

Vibration Analysis Techniques for Identifying Failure Root Causes - A Case Study
Zeeshan Iqbal

What You Should Know About Lubricant Film Strength and Thickness
Bennett Fitch

Why Data Collection Is More Important Than Reliability Modeling
Carles CG

Why Employee Engagement Is the Key to Successful Maintenance Programs
Patrick Garin

Why Grease Cleanliness Should Not Be Overlooked
Rich Wurzbach

Why Machine Alignment Should Not Be Overlooked
Garrett Bapp

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