Taking the Mystery Out of Phosphate Ester Fluid Maintenance

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Electro Hydraulic Control (EHC) systems are a critical hydraulic system used in many steam turbine applications. Due to the high operating pressures and proximity to hot sections, phosphate ester fluids are often used. Phosphate ester fluids are also used in gas turbine applications and hydraulic systems used in steel and aluminum production. Maintaining these fluids is not complex but often the source of great anxiety and frustration. This paper will show you the basics of a proper maintenance and testing program, and how to transform your existing practices into a world class program. The second part of the paper explores current fluid issues and steps to address: gel formation, sub micron particulate contamination, fluid degradation, and fluid darkening.

Author:  Peter Dufresne, John Prescott, and Dave Wooton
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  7
Figures and Illustrations:  12
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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