Asset Operations

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In today’s world, the majority of asset-intensive organizations are still stuck with complex, rigid, and sometimes antiquated technology solutions that simply cannot step up to evolving challenges and an ever-changing market. Why do the world’s most important industries—ones that billions of people rely on for essential human needs—operate with approaches that run the risk of making them extremely inefficient and brittle?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Imagine a world where companies can move successfully into the future, where these brittle solutions are replaced with a flexible, simple approach that also delivers enterprise-grade capabilities. This book introduces asset operations management (AOM), an operating principle founded on the belief that asset-intensive organizations have much to gain by adopting new approaches to data, collaboration, and communication—all supported by modern, consumer-grade technology experiences.

The best-of-breed organizations in asset-intensive industries have been changing the way their businesses run for years, and they’re reaping the rewards. The rest of the pack is struggling to keep up in the new paradigm—one where asset operations is central to operating efficiency and organizational resilience.

***All proceeds from this book are donated to fund industry association memberships and certifications for Maintenance and Reliability professionals to help up-level their careers and thus our industries as a whole.***

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