Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management - 2nd Edition

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Maintenace is a unique business process. It requires an approach that is different than other business processes if it is to be successfully managed. This book presents insight into what is required to manage maintenance and provides a framework with options, allowing maintenance decision makers to select the most successful way to manage their business.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this best selling book presents a logical, step-by-step methodology that will enable any company to conduct a cost-effective benchmarking effort. It presents an overview of the benchmarking process, a detailed form for surveying and "grading" maintenance management, and a database of the results of more than 100 companies that have used this survey.

Why we like this book:

  • Provides a clear, concise benchmarking methodology.
  • Clearly explains and interprets the most current maintenance benchmarks.
  • Contains a benchmarking database from more than 100 companies.
  • Features current maintenance/asset management philosophies.
  • Offers more information on self-analysis.

Author: Terry Wireman
Published: 2010
Format: Hardback
Pages: 256
Exerpt 1
One of the keys to being successful with best practice benchmarking is to define best practice. For example, does best mean: Most efficient? Most cost effective? Most customer service oriented? Most profitable?

Exerpt 2
Optimizing the life of capital equipment means maintaining it so that it lasts 30-to-40% longer than poorly-maintained equipment. The maintenance department's goal is to keep the equipment properly maintained to achieve the longest life. A preventive maintenance program designed for teh life of the equipment is key to obtaining a maximum life cycle.

Table Of Contents:
Analyzing Maintenance Management

Benchmarking Fundamentals

Maintenance Organizations

Maintenance Training

Work Order Systems

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Inventory and Purchasing

Maintenance Reporting and Analysis

World Class Maintenance Management

Integration of Maintenance Management

Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management

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