Best Practices for Oil Sampling Training DVD

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Correct and accurate sample collection is the critical first step in a successful oil analysis program. Without representative oil samples, oil analysis may just be a waste of time and money.

Best Practices for Oil Sampling shows you how to design and implement a world-class oil sampling program that will deliver better results and help you focus on improving equipment reliability. Make this 48 minute video part of your standard training for anyone involved in your oil analysis program and as well as new hires. VIEW PREVIEW

You Will Learn:

  • How to take a data-rich, representative oil sample
  • How to minimize data disturbance during the sampling process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different sampling methods and devices
  • The very best locations for taking oil samples to achieve oil analysis objectives
  • Best practices for sampling machines that are difficult to access
  • How to strategically locate and use primary and secondary sampling valves
  • How to modify machinery for best practice oil sampling
  • Sampling strategies that pinpoint problems in large fluid systems
  • Best practices for using sampling accessories and adapters
  • Critical information the lab needs before analyzing the first sample




48 minutes


Unlimited use at one facility or location

Also Included:

One student workbook

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Who Will Benefit:

  • Lubrication Professionals
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Craftsmen and Millwrights
  • Equipment Operators
  • Oil Analysis Professionals
  • Plant Engineers

Course Menu

  • Oil Sampling Objectives
  • Characteristics of a Good Oil Sample
  • Ideal Machinery Conditions for Oil Sampling
  • Devices, Accessories and Methods for Oil Sampling
  • Locations for Installing Oil Sampling Valves
  • Primary and Secondary Sampling Locations
  • Cleanliness Requirements for Sample Collection
  • Purge and Line Flushing Requirements
  • Machinery and Lubricant Information for the Lab
  • Lubricant Sampling Frequency Factors
  • Summary of Lubricant Sampling Best Practices

Student Workbook Included

The accompanying Student Workbook was developed directly from the video script to help reinforce the information and includes full color graphics, student excercises and a post-test to assure comprehension.

One Student Workbook is included with each training video. You may order additional workbooks in quantities of 5, 10 or 25:

Because each workbook includes student exercises, a post-test and an area for note-taking, it is advisable to purchase a workbook for each student.

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