Cover Your A$$ets

$ 45.95


Assets are the resources a company manipulates and uses to make income. This book helps to ensure your assets are always available to make income. It describes how to design for and care for production and facility assets.

In his fun and informative second work, Cover Your A$$etsAsset Management at Your Place and at Your Pace, John Ross breaks down the concept of asset management into relevant working elements. With ample space to jot down your thoughts and own experiences, this work is like Mad Libs™ for anyone wanting to implement Asset Management. In the end, readers can review, edit, compile, and pull together their own recorded thoughts and ideas to form a very obtainable vision for the future.

There are many technical references on asset management, but what is truly needed in the field is a step-by-step process for taking care of the assets and equipment that makes the company profitable. By reading this guide, users will feel as if they are personally working with a seasoned, experienced asset management professional to put together a customized strategy for how asset management could and should be implemented at their own location.

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