How to Grease a Motor Bearing Training DVD

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Squeezing maximum life out of lubricants and extending machine life starts with putting a healthy, clean lubricant into the machine. In this training video, you'll learn the very best practices for ensuring this essential piece of lubrication excellence is in place.

How to Grease a Motor Bearing provides plant personnel an overview of the best practices for lubricating electric motor bearings. Anyone responsible for the maintenance, operation and reliability of electric motors will benefit. Use it to train operators, lubrication technicians, mechanics, electricians and maintenance personnel for years to come. VIEW PREVIEW

Three Main Benefits

  • Lubrication technicians will have a clear understanding of why proper motor bearing lubrication is critical.
  • You'll reduce motor failures, downtime, rebuilds and replacement costs.
  • You'll replace old-time lubrication procedures with vendor-neutral, best practice procedures that work.

You Will Learn:

  • The four primary components to precision grease lubrication for electric motor bearings
  • Why proper bearing lubrication is critical to the life expectancy of your machines
  • Leading-edge lubrication procedures that could save your company millions
  • How much lubricant to use for periodic relubrication
  • How to determine the appropriate interval between relubrication periods
  • How the size, speed, and service conditions of the motor influence grease selection, relubrication interval, and relubrication amount




40 minutes


Unlimited use at one facility or location

Also Included:

One student workbook

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Who Will Benefit:

  • Lubrication Professionals
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Craftsmen and Millwrights
  • Equipment Operators
  • Oil Analysis Professionals
  • Plant Engineers

Course Menu

  • Lubricant Selection
    • How electric motors work
    • Why electric motors fail
    • Electric motor bearing types
      • Open Bearings
      • Single shielded bearings
      • Double shielded bearings
      • Sealed bearings
    • What is a grease?
      • Base oil types
      • Thickener types
      • Additives
    • Viscosity selection
      • Speed factors
      • Calculating NDm
      • Grease consistency
  • Relubrication Volume
    • Calculating relubrication volume
    • Relubrication considerations
  • Relubrication Frequency
    • Frequency adjustment factors
    • Calculating relubrication frequency
  • Application Method
    • Manual relubrication versus automatic lubricators
    • Grease gun usage
    • Grease fittings
    • Regrease procedure

Student Workbook Included

The accompanying Student Workbook was developed directly from the video script to help reinforce the information and includes full color graphics, student excercises and a post-test to assure comprehension.

One Student Workbook is included with each training video. You may order additional workbooks in quantities of 5, 10 or 25:

Because each workbook includes student exercises, a post-test and an area for note-taking, it is advisable to purchase a workbook for each student.

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