How to Use a Grease Gun Training DVD

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The grease gun is one of the most widely-used tools for machinery lubrication, yet few are trained on grease gun best practices. When used or loaded improperly, the grease gun can become a safety risk to both the lubrication technician and the machine. VIEW SERIES OVERVIEW

You Will Learn:

  • How a grease gun works
  • The best practices for loading a grease gun
  • Why proper grease lubrication is important to machine reliability
  • The risks of mixing different grease types
  • The differences between different models of grease guns
  • How to get the most from your grease gun
  • How to avoid grease contamination
  • The risks of overgreasing
  • The risks involved in grease gun operation
  • How to use grease guns safely




28 minutes


Unlimited use at one facility or location

Also Included:

One student workbook

Who Will Benefit:

  • Lubrication Professionals
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Craftsmen and Millwrights
  • Equipment Operators
  • Oil Analysis Professionals
  • Plant Engineers

Course Menu

    • The Importance of Proper Grease Lubrication for Bearing and Machine Reliability
      • What Type of Grease?
      • How Much to Use?
      • How Often to Apply?
      • Improving Machine Reliability
    • Anatomy of Grease
      • Composition
      • Types of Thickeners
      • Compatibility Risks
      • Consistency
      • Storage
      • Degradation and Contamination
    • Grease Gun Types and Operation
      • Manual
      • Pneumatic
      • Electric
      • Grease Fittings
      • Special Adaptors
      • High-Pressure Application
      • Delivery Amounts
      • Proper Care
    • Accessories for Greasing
      • Pressure-Relief Vents
      • Pressure Gauges
      • Grease Gun Meters
      • Sonic/Ultrasonic Devices
      • Flexible Hoses/Coupling Devices
      • Extensions
      • Plastic Caps
      • Special Nozzles
      • Grease Fitting Extractors
    • Grease Gun Safety and Environment
      • Rotating Components
      • High-Pressure Hazards
      • Eye and Hand Protection
      • Proper Disposal
    • Best Practices for Loading the Grease Gun and Contamination Control
      • Filling a Grease Gun
      • Filling from a Bulk Container/Filler Pump
    • Applying Grease to the Component
      • Examining the Grease Gun
      • Using the Right Grease
      • Reviewing the Work Order
      • Inspecting Component Seals
      • Examining the Grease Fitting
      • Cleaning the Fitting
      • Purging the Grease Gun
      • Applying the Grease
      • Inspecting for Leaks
      • Cleaning and Capping
    • Grease Gun Storage and Maintenance
      • Keeping Grease Guns and Accessories Clean
      • How to Store Grease Guns

Student Workbook Included

The accompanying Student Workbook was developed directly from the video script to help reinforce the information and includes full color graphics, student excercises and a post-test to assure comprehension.

One Student Workbook is included with each training video. You may order additional workbooks in quantities of 5, 10 or 25:

Because each workbook includes student exercises, a post-test and an area for note-taking, it is advisable to purchase a workbook for each student.

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