In-Line, Continuous Monitoring of Fuel Dilution in Motor Oils by FTIR

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The current accepted method for determining fuel dilution in motor oils is gas chromatography. Although workable, it is not practical from the standpoint of obtaining timely, real-time data. A dynamic in-line FTIR monitoring system has been designed and used to continuously monitor fuel dilution in an engine test-bed. This FTIR method was validated by analyzing samples taken from the circulating oil and correlating the results to gas chromatography data. This novel system, in conjunction with other test-bed monitoring parameters can be of great assistance in optimizing one of the key variables limiting engine oil performance. It also allows for the rapid assessment of fuel dilution performance of test-bed engines.

Author:  F.R. van de Voort, McGill University and D. Pinchuk, Thermal-Lube Inc.
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2008 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  3
Figures and Illustrations:  7
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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