Industry Practices for Electric Motor Bearing Lubrication

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Benchmark your lubrication program to 200 plants. Discover what works for motor bearing lubrication.

Noria Corporation researched electric motor bearing lubrication at 200 plants in North America and distilled the results into this valuable research analysis report.

You'll learn ...

  • Which grease brands, thickeners, base oils, and lubricant additive packages they prefer

  • How frequently motor bearings are relubricated and how frequencies are determined

  • The most common causes for grease-lubricated electric motor bearing failures.

  • Their preferences on the use of shields, seals and open designs

  • Their most commonly used brands, size and arrangements for electric motors

  • The effectiveness of technologies such as vibration analysis, thermography, acoustic monitoring, motor current evaluation and grease analysis for bearing inspection and relubrication feedback

  • How often grease gun calibration is checked and satisfaction with the performance of grease guns

  • Life expectancy of electric motors according to motor size

  • How to keep contamination from entering the bearing

  • Views about motor rebuild services relating to feedback provided on failure root causes

Industries surveyed: power generation, chemicals, food processing, pulp and paper, petroleum products, mining, primary metals and general manufacturing. 90% of the facilities surveyed had 100 employees or more.

Format:  Paperback
Author:  Noria Corporation
Published:  2004
Pages:  42

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