Introduction to Lubrication Fundamentals Training DVD

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Having a solid grasp of the fundamentals of lubricants and lubrication is at the core of any world-class lubrication program. Understanding lubricant functions, the differences between common lubricant types, their advantages and disadvantages, and what makes them perform or fail is crucial for all lubrication professionals. VIEW PREVIEW




37 minutes


Unlimited use at one facility or location

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One student workbook

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Who Will Benefit:

  • Lubrication Professionals
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Craftsmen and Millwrights
  • Equipment Operators
  • Oil Analysis Professionals
  • Plant Engineers

Course Menu

  • The Importance of Lubrication for Reliable Machinery
  • Explanation of a Lubricants Functions Including:
    • Friction Control
    • Wear Control
    • Corrosion Control
    • Temperature Control
    • Contamination Control
    • Power Transmission
  • Descriptions of Friction and Wear
  • Demonstration of the Three Lubrication Regimes
  • How Lubricants are Formulated
  • Important Properties of Base Oils
  • The Differences Between Mineral and Synthetic Lubricants
  • Semi-Synthetic Lubricants
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable Lubricants
  • Common Lubricant Additives and Their Functions
  • Viscosity Defined
  • Consequences of Lubricant Viscosity that Is Too High or Low
  • Lubricant Oxidation: Causes and Effects
  • Anatomy of a Grease
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Grease Lubrication
  • Grease Properties
    • Thickeners
    • Texture
    • Performance
    • Compatibility

Student Workbook Included

The accompanying Student Workbook was developed directly from the video script to help reinforce the information and includes full color graphics, student excercises and a post-test to assure comprehension.

One Student Workbook is included with each training video. You may order additional workbooks in quantities of 5, 10 or 25:

Because each workbook includes student exercises, a post-test and an area for note-taking, it is advisable to purchase a workbook for each student.

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