Lean Maintenance

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Lean Maintenance is a practical book that almost instantly can contribute to your organization’s success.  It also is intended to be part of a larger effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the maintenance effort.  Lean Maintenance will take the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, designing projects to address the waste, selling the projects to management, and finally, delivering the projects.  Every area in maintenance is covered, including TPM, the storeroom, PM tasking, work orders, and computer systems.  Finally, Lean Maintenance will provide examples at every step of the way to guide the reader, and also includes forms and checklists for successful Lean projects.

This book’s unique feature is its immediate usefulness.  Readers can open the book and start the process of saving money, energy, or time within an hour.  They could have a savings project designed and executed within a day.  While there is ample support information, much of the book concentrates on revealing the hidden waste in every nook and cranny of the maintenance effort.

Lean Maintenance is written for anyone in a leadership position in maintenance, production or the storeroom, such as supervisors, managers, planners, engineers and directors.  It will also be enormously useful to vendors of all types, including maintenance contractors, parts vendors, and a wide range of service providers to maintenance departments.

Joel Levitt is a leading trainer of maintenance professionals and has trained more than 7000 maintenance leaders from 3000 organizations in 20 countries.  He has more than 30 years experience in many facets of maintenance, and since 1980 has been president of Springfield Resources, a management/consulting firm speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences, has written several books, and has published over a dozen articles on the subject.

Format: Hardback
Author: Joel Levitt
Published: 2008
Pages: 240
Table Of Contents:
Introduction to Lean Maintenance

Distinguishing Lean Maintenance from Everything Else

Lean Maintenance and World-Class Maintenance

Lean Worker

Lean Maintenance and Safety

Lean Organization and Maintenance Support

Lean Maintenance Parts and Storeroom

Lean Maintenance and the Work Order System

Lean and the Use of the CMMS to uncover Waste

Enabling Technology for Lean Maintenance

Lean Planning and Scheduling

Lean Fire-fighting

Lean PM

TPM and Lean Maintenance


5 S's contribution to Lean Maintenance

The Lean Machine

RCM and Lean Maintenance

Lean Outsourcing

Initiating Lean Projects

Where to look for Waste

Developing the List of Wastes into a List of Projects

Once a Project for Refinement Has Been Chosen

Putting the Finishing Touches on Written and Verbal Presentations

Publishing Lean Projects

How a School District could save $1,000,000

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