Lubrication: The Key to Machine Immortality

$ 16.95


How do we get our people to take lubrication seriously?
Lubrication is the simplest and most effective way to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. Yet, many people don't understand what they are doing, how to lubricate correctly, and why they are doing it.
In the past, a senior person would mentor new employees and teach them what, why, and how. Who has time now to introduce the new people to the ins and outs of lubrication?
Lubrication: The Key to Machine Immortality takes on this job in a fun and exciting way with pictures and stories. It wrestles with advanced concepts in a fresh, clear, and entertaining way. It is the kind of book that new people will want to read.

This work is part of a series: Elements of Great Maintenance Management
The challenge we face is transferring basic knowledge to the next generation. Without this valuable knowledge transfer, our mission-critical systems will not do their jobs and will be challenging to maintain. Current books from this series cover PM, Defect Elimination, Reliability, and Maintenance Quality.

Are You facing this training problem?
o Old-school books and manuals don't cut it.
o Boring texts don't cut it
o Humans learn best with stories. Hey, that has worked for thousands of years.
New students want 
entertrainment! (I made this word up from Enterainment + Training)

The problem is that traditional teaching modes don't work anymore. People read less and use Google or YouTube (and all the social media sites) for everything they need to know. The second problem is that they will learn the complicated stuff, but they miss the fundamentals (which are boring, and there is no screen!) of maintenance and reliability.

We cover the fundaments of maintenance. Topics will be covered in an entertaining way to train the whole team. We will use compelling stories, humor, and interesting characters to keep people's interest and convey the basics.

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