Maintenance & Operational Reliability

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The quest for reliability is long overdue! In the case of many operations, realization of sustained reliability is still a work in progress. Very few organizations have completed the journey to world-class reliability. The vast majority still operate within a reactive culture, allowing response to repetitive failures to consume an excessive proportion of already limited maintenance resources, and leaving too few for performance of any proactive activities.

In today’s competitive international environment, enterprise survival is a battle of the fittest. To survive, organizations must achieve “world-class” stature, characterized by wellness, readiness, and application required for a company to successfully compete globally. That’s why Maintenance and Operational Reliability is so important.

This work is organized by the foundation and 5 Pillars of Maintenance/Reliability Excellence, plus 24 Building Blocks, as depicted throughout the book. This pillar graphic shows the functions, management techniques, systems, information sources and performance management vital to the maintenance and reliability process, and also serves as an important visual aid for the education of the entire organization.

So, how is the ultimate, but challenging reliability goal to be achieved? Are you prepared to manage, support, process, and interpret the magnitude of information in real time, critical to making the right business decisions to achieve a competitive advantage? The authors, two veteran maintenance and reliability experts, have collected all the essentials leading to reliability here, in one practical resource, connecting and sequencing the integral pieces for world-class reliability.

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