Machinery Lubrication Magazine 2017 Bundle

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Machinery Lubrication magazine provides tactical and strategic insights that help keep plant equipment running at peak performance. This bundle includes every issue published in 2017. Would you like to get new issues delivered to your door for free? Subscribe today and see for yourself what more than 35,000 of your peers are already receiving every other month.

January-February 2017

This issue of Machinery Lubrication showcases an interesting case study on extending lubricant life. While 30 years without a complete oil change usually would be considered impossible, discover how the Seminole Electric Cooperative near Jacksonville, Florida, was able to extend the life of the lubricants used in its electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems.
Other feature articles include:
  • How to Determine Grease Compatibility and Why It’s Important
  • What You Should Know About Hydrostats
  • How to Visually Inspect the Health and State of Oil
  • Why and How to Test New Oil Deliveries
  • Tips for Better Motorcycle Lubrication
  • Understanding the Differences Between Base Oil Formulations

March-April 2017

In this edition of Machinery Lubrication, you will learn important strategies for lubricating “big iron,” which includes large earthmovers such as hydraulic shovels, draglines and bucket-wheel excavators. Whether you have "big iron" or normal-sized machinery, knowing the limitations of the technology used to monitor your asset health and tailoring your maintenance activities to overcome these limitations will be paramount for success.
Other feature articles include:
  • Cavitation or Aeration? How to Tell the Difference
  • Choose the Right Lubricant to Reduce Air Pollution
  • The 5 States of Machine Inspection 2.0
  • Best Practices for Using Oil Analysis in Lubrication Management
  • How Improving Lubricant Storage and Handling Can Pay Off
  • Aligning Lubrication Excellence with ISO 55000
  • How to Mitigate Contaminant Ingression in Hydraulic Systems

May-June 2017

The May-June 2017 issue of Machinery Lubrication reveals how today’s proactive preventive measures combine the wisdom of a back-to-basics approach with breakthrough technologies. Organizations that incorporate these measures into their maintenance programs stand to make substantial gains in equipment uptime, productivity and cumulative cost savings across the board.
Other feature articles include:
  • How to Select a Lubrication System for Process Industries
  • Best Practices for Topping up Small Sumps and Reservoirs
  • The Importance of Lubricant Film Strength
  • Understanding and Troubleshooting Hydraulic Proportional Valves
  • Training Strategies to Control Contamination
  • Be Proactive to Avoid Root Cause Fault Bubbles
  • Reliable Plant 2017 Makes Another Successful Stop in Columbus

July-August 2017

This Machinery Lubrication edition details how the Weyerhaeuser sawmill in Eugene, Oregon, was able to change from a culture of overlubrication to best-practice lubrication through sharing of knowledge and application of predictive maintenance technologies. Along with proper lubrication fundamentals, you will learn how important the right lubricant quantities are to the longevity of your equipment.
Other feature articles include:
  • Why You Should Crosscheck Your Oil Analysis Lab
  • 3 Ways to Reduce Hydraulic Shock
  • Building a Successful Maintenance Program Through Oil Analysis
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of Condition Monitoring
  • Continuing the Journey to Lubrication Excellence

September-October 2017

The September-October 2017 issue of Machinery Lubrication takes an in-depth look into how to evaluate a new lubricant with industry-accepted tests for predicting lubricant life, including results from actual commercial lubricants. With constantly changing lubricant formulations and performance improvements, it is critical to be able to determine whether the information being advertised by lubricant manufacturers is valid.
Other feature articles include:
  • 2017 Salary Survey: Salaries for Lubrication Professionals Holding Steady
  • Best Ways to Eliminate Hydraulic Oil Leakage
  • Overcoming the Risks of Cold Machine Starts
  • Make the Lube Room Your Lubrication Command Center
  • Understanding the Changing Requirements for Food-grade Lubricants
  • Volatility vs. Flash Point: What You Should Know

November-December 2017

To commemorate its 100th issue, Machinery Lubrication presents 100 things you should know to develop a world-class lubrication program. Whether you are in the initial stages of implementing a new program or already have a well-established program in place, you will find numerous ideas that can help, with advice from each of the 100 issues.
Other feature articles include:
  • Getting Bottom-line Results from a Lube Room Transformation
  • How Directional Valves Affect Oil Flow in Hydraulic Systems
  • Managing the Perils of Short-volume Oil Changes
  • Best Practices for Lubricating Paper Machines
  • Selecting Lubricants for Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • 4 Grease Tests for Centralized Lubrication Systems

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