Noria Academy Study Pack - Oil Analysis II

$ 265.00


This purchase* is for access to the Oil Analysis II study pack for the Noria Academy app.

Study oil analysis concepts for proper sampling, monitoring lubricant health and how to detect additive, thermal and particle factors that degrade lubricants via on-site tests and lab analysis. (Preparation for the MLA II ICML certification)

With a robust and responsive design, the Noria Academy app’s different study modes include:

  • flashcards with the ability to sort cards by confidence level and specific topics;
  • practice exams with multiple-choice questions from all topic areas;
  • option to simulate an actual exam or do a quick question review;
  • comprehensive charts provide instant feedback for students and guidance on topics that have been mastered or need additional attention.

*With each app purchase, you will receive a 1-seat license for 365 days from the date of purchase. Only one person may access the app. The seat license is not based on concurrent connections and may not be shared by other users. ICML certification fees are not included in the app price.

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