Optimizing a Preventive Maintenance Program for Construction Equipment

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It seems that the emphasis in the oil analysis industry is on non-mobile manufacturing equipment. However, oil analysis can play a key role in maintaining heavy construction and other fleet type equipment. In fact, oil analysis can play a key role in how you handle the preventive maintenance of your equipment fleet. With the high cost of petroleum products on the rise, the ability to extend oil drains is ever increasing. But how does one know how long to extend the interval? Or is the question should there be a set interval for oil changes? Oil analysis can allow you to modify the set interval into an "as needed," or condition based, oil change. All it requires is a flexible scheduling system, and creativity when establishing an activity to be scheduled.

Author:  Noria Corporation
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  3
Figures and Illustrations:  6
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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