Protect Your Equipment by STARTING with Clean Lubricants

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Microscopic particles are the most harmful form of lubricant contamination. They initiate irreversible microscopic damage that causes macroscopic damage, which disables and destroys bearings, gears, valves and other components. Lubricants can be filtered to remove microscopic particles; however, particles can damage equipment before being removed by filtration. The most proficient way to protect equipment is to start with clean lubricants in clean equipment and machinery. Learn how microscopic particles contaminate lubricants and damage mechanical devices, how lubricant cleanliness is measured, and how to control lubricant cleanliness.

Author:  Mary Moon, Sam Hall and Gian Fagan, Bel-Ray Company, Inc.
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2008 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  5
Figures and Illustrations:  6
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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