Pump User's Handbook: Life Extension, Fourth Edition

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This practical guide explains how you can achieve consistently superior run lengths, low maintenance expenditures, and unexcelled safety and reliability in all of your pump applications. Written by two practicing engineers whose combined 80-year working careers included all conceivable facets of pumping technology, this handbook details what facilities must do to rapidly accomplish superior performance and low life-cycle cost for pumps of all types and sizes.

Aimed at operating technicians, maintenance professionals, project engineers, reliability engineers and managers, the book is intended for every job function that comes in contact with process pumps. Utilities, power generation facilities, pulp and paper plants, consumer product manufacturers, pharmaceutical plants, mining operations, chemical and petrochemical plants, municipal works, oil and gas pipelines, and oil refineries are among those that can significantly profit from implementing the guidelines described in this unique, experience-based text.

Author:  Heinz P. Bloch and Allan R. Budris
Published:  2013
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  556
Table Of Contents:  

    Pump System Life Cycle Cost Reduction
    How to Buy & Ship a Better Pump
    Piping, Baseplate, Installation, & Foundation Issues
    Operating Efficiency Improvement Considerations
    Improved Pump Hydraulic Selection Extends Pump Life
    Improvements Leading to Pump Mechanical Maintenance Cost Reduction
    Bearings in Centrifugal Pumps
    Mechanical Seal Selection & Application
    Improved Lubrication & Lubricant Application
    Oil Mist Lubrication & Storage Protection
    Coupling Selection Guidelines
    Pump Condition Monitoring Guidelines
    Pump Types & Materials
    Pump Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting
    Shop Repair, Spare Parts Availability & Procurement
    Failure Statistics & Component Uptime Improvement Summary
    Breaking the Cycle of Pump Repairs

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