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Reliability Based Spare Parts & Materials Management

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This 50-page book provides real solutions to maintenance storeroom management problems. Have your management team from the maintenance storeroom, purchasing and IT read this powerful and practical book. You will take away tools and knowledge to dramatically improve your spare parts and materials management. With the knowledge from this book, you will specifically be able to increase plant reliability, improve your technicians' productivity, streamline your materials management business processes, reduce costs and reduce maintenance storeroom spare parts and materials inventory. This book has been written to challenge, motivate and educate readers in reliability based spare parts and materials management. The book is based on IDCON Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance philosophy which emphasizes achieving results through people, execution and common sense.

Author:  Don Armstrong
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  50

Table Of Contents:  
Chapter 1  Introduction  1.1
 Organizing for effective maintenance materials management  1.2
 Business processes  1.2
 Materials management business processes  1.3
 Continuous improvement  1.3
 Buyers vs. Maintenance Planners  1.3
 Maintenance materials management is different  1.4
 Maintenance materials data management  1.4
Chapter 2  Benefits of good maintenance materials management  2.1
Chapter 3  Alignment of objectives  3.1
Chapter 4  Integration of maintenance materials management and reliability management  4.1
Chapter 5  Inventory management basics  5.1
 Definitions  5.1
 Stock activity graphs  5.2
 Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)  5.2
 Dual re-order points  5.3
 Inventory automation examples  5.4
 Open or closed Storeroom?  5.4
 Physical storage  5.5
 Return-to-Stores  5.6
Chapter 6  Integration of maintenance materials information  6.1
 Recommended files  6.1
Chapter 7  Integrated non-stock catalog  7.1
Chapter 8  Database principles  8.1
Chapter 9  Equipment selection  9.1
Chapter 10  To stock or not to stock?  10.1
 Stock/don't stock decision factors  10.4
 If it's stocked, then how many?  10.6
 New stock request  10.7
 Management of new stock  10.7
Chapter 11  Anti-friction bearings  11.1
Chapter 12  Plant standards  12.1
Chapter 13  Spare parts lists  13.1
 Plant hierarchy  13.1
 Preparation and maintenance of parts lists  13.1
 Parts list standard  13.2
Chapter 14  Interchangeability  14.1
Chapter 15  Using non-OEM parts  15.1
Chapter 16  Obsolete and surplus stock  16.1
Chapter 17  Repair-and-return management  17.1
Chapter 18  Inventory value  18.1
Chapter 19  Work kits and delivery systems  19.1
Chapter 20  Other Storeroom services  20.1
Chapter 21  Summary of CMMS requirements  21.1
Chapter 22  Some other possibilities  22.1
 Outsourcing of materials management.  22.1
 Centralized warehousing for multiple plants.  22.1
 Sharing of materials among multiple plants.  22.1
Chapter 23  Summary  23.1
 Index  24.


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