Reliable Plant 2011 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2011, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session in each of the three co-located conferences: Lubrication Excellence 2011, Reliability World 2011 and Lean Manufacturing 2011.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2011 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs. Here's an example of what you'll find in the proceedings:

Key Performance Indicators

What Works

What Doesn't Work

And Plenty of How To's


Published:  2011
Format:  CD-ROM
Table Of Contents:  

Lubrication Excellence 2011

    Lubrication Journey – Setting the Cornerstone for Improved Plant Reliability
    Stephen Hilscher, INVISTA

    Best Practices from the Only Two-Time ICML Award-winning Plant
    Scotty Lippert, Clopay

    Successful Lubrication in an Operator-Driven World-Class Manufacturing Initiative
    Al Wills and John Rowel, MillerCoors

    Grease – Base Oil Viscosity Selection for Rolling Bearings
    Bob Scott, LubeWorks

    Bulk Oil and Fuel Filtration System Designs and Recommendations
    Philip Johnson, Donaldson

    Effective Lubrication Storage Eliminates Failure Modes
    Terry Harris, Reliability Process Solutions

    Strategic Greasing for Element Bearings
    Stephen, Sumerlin, Noria Corporation

    Putting the Simple Back into Viscosity
    John Sander, Lubrication Engineers

    Effective Oil Sampling Tools and Techniques
    Josh Pickle and Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

    Analyze This: Why You Need to be Analyzing Your Oil
    David Haught, Esco Products

    Online Particle Counters = Predictive Maintenance = Cost Savings
    Phil Keep, MP Filtri

    Implementing Lubrication Excellence at Goodyear - A Case Study
    James E. Brown II, Goodyear

    Modifying Equipment for Precision Lubrication
    Jarrod Potteiger, Des-Case

    Optimum Filtration Strategies for Industrial Fluid Systems
    Christian Bauer, Pall Corporation

    Effective Lubrication for Mining Equipment - A Case Study
    Alejandro Meza, Noria Brasil and Rodrigo Penteado, MRN

    The Basics of Designing an Effective Motor Re-greasing Program
    Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

    Elevating the Status of Lubrication Personnel and its Effect on Reliability
    Tom Hiatt, Covance and Wayne Ferguson

    Converting from a Bath-type Lube to a Spray System Without Changing Lubricant
    Juan Bautista, Center for Reliability Excellence

    A New Look at In-Service Fluid Analysis
    David Wooton, Wooton Consulting and Dave Hilligoss, Perkin Elmer

    Improving the Performance of Industrial Compressor Lubricants
    Greg Livingstone and J. Ameye, Fluitec

    Six Reasons Why Oil Analysis Programs Fail
    Tim Nelson, Insight Services

    Practical Field Results of a New Reservoir Design Used in Circulating Oil Lube Systems
    Matti Lopponen, SKF

    Gill Award: A Case Study of Recipients and their World-class Oil Analysis Programs
    Suzy Jamieson, ICML

    New Standard Guide for Microscopic Characterization of Particles from In-Service Lubricants
    Ray Garvey, Emerson Process Management

    Lubrication Excellence Journey Begins with a Plan
    Brenda Graham, Alcoa

    Planning and Executing a Lubricant Contamination Control Program
    Stephen Sumerlin, Noria Corporation

    Adding an Offline Filter – Practical Examples and FAQ
    Steffen Nyman, C.C. Jensen

    Hydraulic Power Unit Contamination Mitigation Case Study Brian Wommack, Power Partners

    Cost Benefits of Routine Grease Sampling and Analysis for Mission Critical Equipment
    Rich Wurzbach, MRG Power Labs

Reliability World 2011

    The Use of Multiple Predictive Technologies in Electric Power Generation
    Mike Paulsen, Westar Energy

    Fundamentals First! Mastering Maintenance Basics and Reaping the Rewards
    Wayne Vaughn, Vesta Partners

    Leading Key Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance Organizations
    Mike Shekhtman, Goodyear

    Launching Maintenance Communities of Best Practice to Achieve Reliability Excellence
    Thomas Povanda, Pfizer and Mike Greenholtz, Genesis Solutions

    Reliability Optimization through Kitting and Staging
    Rob Crotty, Luminant

    World-Class Equipment Reliability: Establishment and Standardization of Best Practices at ArcelorMittal
    Darrin Clark, ArcelorMittal

    Go Green or Go Home: How to Raise Reliability and Efficiency and Survive the Corporate Ax
    Harold Joyce, PdMA Corporation

    What’s Next for Infrared Thermography? An Examination of Next-Gen Technologies
    Ray Garvey, Emerson Process Management

    How to Introduce a New Reliability Program
    Paul Bonorden and Stephen Hilscher, INVISTA

    Planned Job Kitting Drives Equipment Reliability at U.S. Sugar
    Randy Hall, U.S. Sugar and Wally Wilson, Life Cycle Engineering

    How to Sell Maintenance to Upper Management
    Christer Idhammar, IDCON, Inc.

    How Holcim Utilized E-learning to Boost Skills and Save Money
    Bill Lyons, Holcim and Chris Eckert, Apollo Associated Services

    Today's Reliable Plant: Where Am I?
    Brian Gleason, Des-Case

    Let Operators Lead the Way to Improve Reliability
    Bruce Wesner, Life Cycle Engineering

    Field Flatness Measurements for Baseplates and Machinery
    Daus Studenberg, Ludeca

    Sifting Through the Facts and Myths to Increase CMMS/EAM Functionality
    Terry Harris, Reliable Process Solutions

    ACH Foods Shifts from Run-to-Fail to True Equipment Reliability
    Michael Pratt, ACH Food Companies

    How Lube Best Practices can Contribute to an Overall Reliability Program
    Chad Chichester, Dow Corning

    Repairing Hydraulic Cylinders and the Vendor Base
    Jeff Stegemiller, Gallatin Steel

    Overcoming Extreme Online Condition Monitoring Challenges
    Ron Kittle, The Timken Company

    The Basics for a Sound Asset Reliability Maintenance Management Program
    Jim Davis, Performance Consulting Associates

    Building a Corporate Reliability Strategy
    Joe Park, Novelis

    Business Case for Reliability Improvement
    Buddy Lee, AESSEAL

    Bearing Repair Provides Valuable Alternative to Bearing Replacement
    Dan Szoch, The Timken Company

Lean Manufacturing 2011

    Sustain Lean Implementations with Kamishibai Cards: Tips from a Former Toyota Group Leader
    Scott Cornell, Argo Inc.

    Quick and Easy Lean Simulations that Your Employees will Understand!
    Michael Thelen, Wells Dairy

    Training Within Industry: Fundamental Skills in Today's Workplace
    Don Dinero, Round Pond Consulting

    Maintenance Black Belt Certification at Sonoco
    Jeff Slater, Sonoco

    Manufacturing Intelligence: The Art of Making Factory Data Talk
    Michel Baudin, Takt Times Group

    Using OEE to Drive TPM
    Adrian Pask, Vorne Industries

    Senior Management Guide to the Lean Transition
    Jack Harrison, The Hands-On Group

    Using the 3P Approach in Process and Workplace Design
    Mike Wroblewski, Gemba Consulting

    Lean in the Utilities Sector: Luminant’s Operational Excellence Model
    Steve Wells, Luminant

    Lean Maintenance Transformation: Transform Ineffective Maintenance Practices to World Class
    Ken Hughes, Power Partners


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