TPM Reloaded: Total Productive Maintenance

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This is a challenging, innovative, and timely new look at implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) by one of the field's leading trainers and authors. The book takes into account the economic upheavals of recent years and demonstrates that TPM is less about moving maintenance tasks to operations than moving accountability for aggregate output of the plant to operators. The author goes on to show that effective TPM - TPM reloaded -- requires a radical difference in management's view of the worker and even tougher, a radical change in the way workers view their own role.

Author:  Joel Levitt
Published:  2010
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  223
Table Of Contents:  

Introduction: TPM in 2010
Introduction to TPM

    Who is TPM for?
    What Does TPM Do?
    Why Today?
    Operator is the key
    Pillars of TPM
    History of TPM
    Why Did TPM Come from Auto Assembly?
    Some important questions about where the idea for TPM came from

Life under TPM

    A Day in the Life of a TPM Shop
    TPM Has Two Aspects
    Promises Made
    Selling TPM
    Total plant involvement

TPM basics

    TPM: The Basic Idea
    The intention of TPM is engagement
    TPM is a TEAM Based Activity
    TPM and lean manufacturing and maintenance
    JIT (Just in Time)
    Five Elements of TPM


    The Basic Activity of TPM is PM

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

    Measuring Equipment Effectiveness is an Essential Part of TPM
    Different OEE models
    OEE is Confusing
    Example of OEE

TPM activities

    Return to new conditions
    Mini-manual for Operators
    Tasks (Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty)
    TPM team meetings
    Typical team activity is conducting a 1-point lesson
    RCA for operators
    Lean Maintenance

Facts of Life

    What Are We Trying to Do?
    One Problem However - Past Sins
    Ground rules of equipment: What are the Life Cycle Phases of Equipment?


    MRP II interface
    The CMMS Work Order

Visual Work Place

    When is too much too much

TPM Installation

    Seven Steps to Reach Full Autonomous Maintenance
    Why Do One Out of Two TPM Installations Fail?
    Successful TPM Installations
    Key Concepts for the TPM Installation
    Look Out; Problems Ahead!
    Steps in Introduction of TPM in an Organization


    For TPM to Work, You Better Be Great at Training.
    Effective Training
    Certified Operator, Mechanic Training

Structures to keep TPM going

    Structure for Remembering To Do Tasks
    TPM reporting
    Keeping TPM on track

Is TPM for you?

    How to decide TPM is for you
    TPM Feasibility Study

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