Wear Particle Atlas

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Wear particle analysis is a powerful technique for non-intrusive examination of the oil-wetted parts of a machine. The particles contained in the lubricating oil carry detailed and important information about the condition of the machine. This information may be deduced from particle shape, composition, size distribution, and concentration.

The Wear Particle Atlas provides information for the identification of various wear particle types, the description of wear modes that generate these particles, the consequences of these wear modes, and description of the techniques that facilitate wear particle analysis.

The Wear Particle Atlas is a guide to wear particle identification containing photographs of typical wear particles found in used lubricating oil, illustrative case histories, and operational procedures for wear debris analysis. Wear particle analysis supports identification of wear modes within a machine based on the quantity, morphology, and composition of particles present in a representative lubricant sample. Color photos are useful for the beginner and act as a guide to the experienced analyst.

This Wear Particle Atlas is a reprint of the revised atlas from the Naval Air Engineering Center. It is a valuable resource for anyone involved in machine condition monitoring and Noria is happy to be able to offer it.

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