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Daily One-Minute Lubrication Inspections and Field Tests

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Routine inspection of a machine’s lubrication system is one of the easiest and most productive ways to avoid equipment failure. This book describes many lubrication-related variables that can be quickly and easily monitored in a short timeframe. These inspections will be revealing, and can serve as the foundation of a precision lubrication management program.

A bonus of this program is that the operators and mechanics who perform the routine inspections will have a new awareness of the importance of effective lubrication.

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Jim Fitch and Robert Scott







Table Of Contents:

  • The Value of the One-Minute Inspection
  • How to Give Your Machine a Physical
  • Six Things to Consider when Setting up an Inspection Program
  • Routine Operator-Based Inspections
  • Important Machine Accessories for Inspections
  • Simplifying Oil Analysis with Field Tests
  • Blotter Spot Test
  • Preparing a Patch Test
  • Field Test for Ferrous Particles
  • Crackle Test
  • Viscosity Measurement
  • Measuring Moisture Using Calcium Hydride
  • Field Tests for Acid Number and Base Number
  • Used Filter Inspections
  • Field Test for Oil and Water Separation
  • Visual Inspection of Oil in a Sample Bottle
  • Using Oil Color as a Field Test
  • Visual Internal Machinery Inspections
  • Visual External Machinery Inspections
  • Routine Inspection of Sight Glasses
  • See Tank Bottoms Without Removing the Oil
  • Audible Inspections
  • Audible Bearing Symptoms
  • Using Your Sense of Touch
  • Oil Odor as a Field Test
  • Safety Considerations

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