Lessons Crime Scenes: Evidence Preservation during Equipment Troubleshooting

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For major crime scenes, the amount of resources expended in evidence preservation is enormous. This is acceptable because there is really no other method available that can reliably produce the required results, and the criminals must be caught. Unfortunately, when an equipment malfunction occurs, many businesses do not conduct such a rigorous analysis of their failed gear. Although predictive maintenance techniques will usually highlight when a failure will occur, it rarely identifies why. In this presentation, we will analyze the methods in place to detect and correct equipment malfunctions and concentrate on the failure analysis process, with a particular focus on proper methods of drilling down to the actual cause of the equipment failure. Attendees will learn what actually causes most failures, why failures often recur, and the proper techniques for efficiently conducting equipment fault analysis. They will be able to take away concrete methods for conducting proper root cause analysis of equipment failures, including equipment troubleshooting plans and methodologies. Several case studies will be provided to show common shortcomings of equipment troubleshooting.

Author:  Ken Reed, System Improvements, Inc.
Source:  Reliability World 2007 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  5
Figures and Illustrations:  3
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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