Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide

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Packed with useful checklists, look-up tables, charts and illustrations, the Machinery Lubrication Reference Guide is designed to make information easily accessible where you need it – in the field, on your desk, or in your pocket. Use it as a handy on-the-job reference or as a study aid for Level I lubrication certification exams.


 J. Bennett Fitch


 Field Reference Guide

A Sample of Included References:

  • Oil and grease selection steps and advice
  • Viscosity classifications chart
  • Filter Beta Ratios
  • ISO Code chart
  • Filter cart time calculation
  • Oil sampling procedure
  • Oil cleanliness levels for oil types

Topic Sections:

  • Maintenance Philosophy
  • Tribology, Friction and Lube Fundamentals
  • Lubrication Fundamentals – Oil Films
  • Viscosity and Viscosity Index (VI)
  • Base Oil
  • Additives
  • Grease
  • Lubricant Selection
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Bearings (Rolling Element and Journal)
  • Gear Systems
  • Reciprocating Engine Lubricants
  • Turbines and Compressors
  • Grease Application Methods
  • Feedback Tools/Automatic Lubrication
  • Oil Application Methods
  • Solid Contamination
  • Water Contamination
  • Air, Glycol and Fuel Contamination
  • Wear Modes
  • Contamination Exclusion
  • Contamination Removal
  • Filter Carts
  • Lubricant Failure Mechanisms
  • Fluid Properties and Test Methods
  • Sampling Basics
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Lubricant Storage and Management
  • Various Tips and Accessories for Machines
  • Measurement Conversion Charts
  • Viscosity Classifications Chart
  • ISO 4406-99 Solid Contamination Code Table

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