The Importance of Monitoring for Individual Antioxidants in Multi-component Antioxidant Additive Packages

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Modern turbine lubricant specifications require antioxidant packages to meet stringent gas and steam turbine working conditions. Monitoring the depletion of the individual antioxidants, by means of trend analysis, is becoming a valuable tool for reliability professionals. Understanding the remaining useful life of industrial lubricants by trending antioxidant health and monitoring the incipient formation of degradation by-products are critical factors. This paper provides feedback on how individual antioxidant monitoring, combined with other important oil condition parameters such as contamination or air release/demulsibility, can result in maximum performance and availability.

Author:  Jo Ameye, FLUITEC International and Andy Sitton, Focus Laboratories
Source:  Lubrication Excellence 2008 Conference Proceedings
Pages:  6
Figures and Illustrations:  11
Format:  PDF - Digital Download

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