Reliable Plant 2017 Conference Proceedings

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If you missed the educational sessions at Reliable Plant 2017, you can still get the conference proceedings on CD-ROM. It includes the papers and some presentations in PDF format from nearly every learning session.

The real-world case-studies at Reliable Plant 2017 were chock-full of practical, experience-based information and tools for lubrication and reliability programs.







Table Of Contents:

6 Key Factors for World-class Asset Management
Kent Knight, Fluid Life

8 Steps to Improve Asset Reliability
Jeff Shiver, People and Processes

A Complete Guide to Root Cause Analysis
Gary Helmink, West-ward Pharmaceuticals

A Proactive Approach to Maintenance Safety
J.R. Nield, J.R. Simplot Co

A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Fluid Sample Collection and Preparation
Bill Bars, Beckman Coulter

Addressing the Root Causes of Hydraulic System Failures
Michael Johnson, Gorman Co

Advantages of Predictive Energy Management
Kevin Grider, General Motors

Analyzing Additive and Wear Metals in Synthetic Lubricants
Arthur Ward, MOA Instrumentation

Best Ways to Predict and Monitor System Availability
David O’Toole, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Building a Successful Maintenance Program Through Oil Analysis
Brett Minges, Polaris Laboratories

Buy New or Rebuild? A Systematic Approach for Difficult Maintenance Decisions
Mike Waltrip, Advanced Technology Services

Case Study: Ford’s Team Approach for Root Cause Failure Analysis
Gordon Van Dusen, Ford Motor Co

Case Study: How a Proper Lubrication Program Can Cut Downtime by 50 Percent
Tim Newman, Simmons Feed Ingredients

Case Study: Preventing Downtime by Monitoring Vibration Data
Paul Kimble, General Motors/Marion Metal Center

Case Study: Using a 3-D Virtual Plant to Manage PdM Information
Lanny Smith, Arrival 3D

Case Study: Using Predictive Maintenance to Achieve Bottom-line Results
Michael Macsisak, Nestle Purina

Change Your Culture for Greater Reliability
Paul Dufresne, DCS

Common Traps of Infrared Thermography and How to Avoid Them
T.J. Garten, Allied Reliability

Controlling Contamination in Hydraulic Cylinders
Tony Casassa, Aggressive Hydraulics

Dangers of Electrostatic Charges in Hydraulic Filters
Martin Migliori, Airline Hydraulics

Essential Hydraulic Tools You Must Have
Chris Dellinger, GPM Hydraulic Consulting

Getting More Out of Oil Analysis Data Through Trending
Evan Zabawski, TestOil

Getting the Most Out of Your Maintenance Efforts
Saul Cizek, Upper Occoquan Service Authority

Going Beyond Fixing Equipment Faults to Defect Elimination
Jeffrey Ng, Kimberly-Clark

How Grease Color Affects Lubrication
Anoop Kumar, Royal Mfg

How Reliability Drives the Bottom Line
Joe Anderson, Schwan’s Food Co

How to Apply FMEA and Other Tools to Solve Your Maintenance Problems
Kevin Grayson, NCSU-IES

How to Change Your Lubrication Culture
Christopher Brokopp, Weyerhaeuser

How to Develop Maintenance Caregivers
Dale Constantine, STEP Energy Services

How to Evaluate a New Lubricant
Dave Wooton, Wooton-Consulting

How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Hydraulic Oil
Nnamdi Achebe, Petrosave Integrated Services

How to Implement an Effective Lubrication Program: A Case Study
Alex Puentes, Ingredion

How to Inspire Leadership in Maintenance and Reliability
Dr. Nathan Wright, Continental Building Products

How to Keep Lubricants Clean Right from the Start
Brian Schmidt, Chevron Lubricants

How to Make Plant Training More Effective
Michael Mazur, Schwan’s Global Supply Chain

How to Make Your Compressor Room Work for You
Sue Benes, FS-Elliott

Improving Oil Filtration with Magnetic Technology
Roger Simonson, One Eye Industries

Improving Transformer Reliability Through Oil Analysis
Esteban Lantos, Dr. Lantos Laboratory

KPIs for Better Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Performance
Doc Palmer, Richard Palmer & Associates

Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Availability
Chris Jackson, Luminant Power Optimization Center

Leveraging Reliability Best Practices to Drive Performance
Tony Dotson, WestRock

Leveraging Technology to Enable Ownership on the Plant Floor
Brad Halterman, Orbital ATK

Managing Risk to Achieve Reliability and Operational Excellence
Mike Greenholtz, GenesisSolutions

New Methods for Better Oil Sample Collection
Giuseppe Adriani, Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche

How to Reduce Vibration Problems in Manufacturing Plants
Luke Sanders, Muscatine Power & Water

How to Save Time and Money Using Lubrication Best Practices
Eric Rasmusson, Generation Systems

How to Select Turbine Oil and Other Critical Lubricants
Greg Livingstone, Fluitec

How to Turn Your MRO Storeroom into a Reliable Asset
George Krauter, Synovos

How to Use Vibration Analysis to Identify Equipment Problems
Walter Barringer, Allied Reliability

How to Verify Oil Filtration Efficiency
Steffen Nyman, C.C. Jensen

Hydrodynamic Cleaning and Flushing of Turbine Oil Systems
Wojciech Majka, Ecol

Implementing an EAM Solution: The Journey to Successful Maintenance Management
Kevin Price, Infor

Key Components of Effective Lubricant Storage
Terry Harris, CMRP

New Methods for Measuring Water in Industrial Oils
Randi Price, Spectro Scientific

New Methods to Fix the Maintenance Crisis
Joel Leonard,

New Trends in Condition-based Monitoring of Critical Transformers
Alan Ross, SD Myers

Next-generation Vibration Analysis: Utilizing HD Technologies for Critical Assets
Ron Kittle, SPM Instrument

Nissan’s Journey to Lubrication Excellence: A Case Study
Mark Beatty, Nissan North America

Optimizing Preventive Maintenance and Eliminating Root Causes Through Lubrication Excellence
Gerardo Trujillo, Noria Latin America

Partnering with Suppliers for a Successful Maintenance Program
Ted Melencheck, Cargill

Rolling-element Bearings: Too Big to Fail?
Thomas Brown, Reliability Solutions

Selecting Lubricants for Critical Equipment
Mark Latunski, American Chemical Technologies

Strategic Maintenance Leadership Tools and Principles
Abdul Alami, Alberta Infrastructure

Strategies for Closing the Technical Skills Gap
Jeremy Wright, Advanced Technology Services

Streamlining and Reducing Machine Setup Times
Colby Hammock, Independence Tube Corp

Synchronizing TPM and PdM to Improve Productivity and Reduce Breakdowns
Sergio Rossi, RP4M

The Power of Correlating Oil Analysis and Vibration Analysis Results
Andy Page, Allied Reliability

Tips for Ultrasonic Lubrication of Electric Motors
Keith Smith, Shermco Industries

Understanding Oil Filter Ratings and Why They Matter
Eric Krause, Pall Corp

Understanding the Complexities of Ultrasound for Machine Condition Monitoring
Andy Page, Allied Reliability

Using a Multiple-branch Root Cause Analysis Approach for Incident Investigation
Denise Pigula, Stauff Corp

Using an RCM Approach for Wear Debris Analysis
K.N.V. Subrahmanyam, Lube Expert PVT

Using Best Practices to Produce Equipment Reliability from Generation to Generation
Dave Tiffany, C&W Services

Using Conventional Oil Analysis to Trigger Ferrography
Michael Holloway, ALS Tribology

Using Infrared Thermography in Plant Environments
Ed Kochanek, FLIR Systems

Using KPIs to Manage and Improve Your Reliability Program
John Sexton, BASF

Utilizing Condition Monitoring to Optimize Reliability
Scott Shults, Flowserve

Why a Mechanical Integrity Program Is Essential for Better Maintenance and Reliability
Alan Wood, M3Midstream

Why People Are the Key to Successful Maintenance and Reliability Programs
Terry Harris, Reliable Process Solutions

Why You Should Be Using Fire-resistant Grease
Josef Barreto-Pohlen, Quaker Chemical Corp

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