Task-Based Training Essentials Bundle

$ 550.00


This 15-lesson Task-Based Training bundle covers essential lubrication tasks to help you onboard new team members quickly or get your whole team aligned to best-practices. Each lesson provides the context surrounding the task (the “why”) followed by a step-by-step procedure for performing the task properly. Individual lessons range from 5 minutes to 12 minutes in length.

Total Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes
License: Single seat, 90 day access to 15 Task-Based Training lessons

Bundle Includes the following lessons:

  • Regreasing an Electric Motor
  • Regreasing a Bearing
  • Purge Regreasing
  • Drain and Fill Using a Constant Level Oiler
  • Drain and Fill Using a Filter Cart
  • Drain and Fill Using an S&R Container
  • Top-Ups Utilizing an S&R Container
  • Regreasing a Coupling
  • Refilling a Single Point Lubricator
  • Inspecting a Single Point Lubricator
  • Inspecting a BS&W Bowl
  • General Inspection
  • Inspecting a Columnar Level Gauge
  • Inspecting a Bullseye Sight Glass
  • Inspecting a Desiccant Breather

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